A Chat App, Truly on STEEM!

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This APP is in Alpha, so please keep that in mind while using it



StreemJS - Steem custom_JSON based chat app Web Alpha

Hello everyone,

I am here to announce a new app I have made that uses the STEEM blockchain fully. This app has no database at all, everything is client side and blockchain based, as I realise we've all been forced to use Centralised Chat Apps this whole time. Admittedly this chat client isn't speedy-fast, but it's not untolerable, so I hope you all like it. Just remember the history is permanent, as it is embedded in the Blockchain.

How to use?

  • Visit: https://streemjs-public-client--snaddyvitch-dis.repl.co/
  • Enter your username to unlock the chat box. This is not verified, but when you send a client, it will use Keychain with that account, so it's advised to login as yourself to be able to use it.
  • You should now see your user icon and a red button with a cross on it (logout/change username) and the chat box and send button will have been unlocked
  • There is only one channel at the moment, so now you can type a message and send it. The box will disable itself while the message is being broadcast. Only people who are currently online will see your message due to the way the app currently works, as I said, this is early stages testing only, if it goes down a treat, I've got an idea for a system of 'miners' who store the history in a clean format.
  • Confirm the transaction in Keychain (only keychain, steemconnect may be added later)
  • Done...

You can see who sent a message by hovering over their icon:


As you saw, I used bold in the message above, so what styles/tags do we allow in our client?

  • Regular: Text
  • Bold: <strong>Text</strong>
  • Italics: <em>Text</em>
  • Images (Max 1 Per Message): <img src="https://steemitimages.com/p/2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnHrkQwpKB9Kxgbyg">
    P.S @lividseagulls where the hell are you?
  • Abbreviations: <abbr title="SteemConnect">SC</abbr>
  • Small Text: <small>Little Text</small>
  • Link: <a href="https://steem.tools/steemengine">Steem Engine Tools</a>

Feel free to leave feedback below,
~ @cadawg


First Ever Convo!!!!

lol. ffs. Nothing like me trolling you for the first convo on this new app.. XD

@ackza here, wow, you did it, you made https://keybase.io on steem... im so glad the @steempeak promoted section works! SOi happy man! i just sent you 1000 CHLP @challengedac tokens

and some $0.80 upvotes :)

SO proud of you! SO COOL!!!




@sn0n I think you might like this.

Love it!!! I'll check it out shortly when I get on the computer.
The beginning of the real development days! Awesome work @cadawg


I think you may have been right

Where are the messages stored on steem? I do not see any activity in comments or wallet. Looking forward to future developments.




Just tested your DAPP. Works well. I have placed a shortcut for it on my Brave Browser Bookmarks ToolBar. Thank you for putting this together!.

Now if you could just make a NSFW Channel for @klye and @steemitqa that would be brilliant!

Sorry, sometimes @klye makes me so so horny!

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Sorry for blasting you with shitting dick nipples.

You think that apology is good enough...

good idea, but not really working right now.

Is for me and the gang...
You need to have keychain with your account loaded and your account name in the box, then click the tick.


My Account Name is in the Box
I ticked the click
But it does not transmit

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Is the send message (Airplane) button enabled and does your avatar show?


Yup Avatar shows (without keychain requested). All my Adblocker are down. Fyi

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So you have typed a message into the other box and hit the airplane but it didn't work?


airplane did not work - Brave Browser

You've put a message in the box, right? Is the airplane greyed out btw?


Something we badly need on the chain and it opens up lots of possibilities. Hopefully we can see a day where the chat box is rolling in the communities section for group chats while people are posting and commenting. (Someday in the distant future).

Great work and looking forward to watching it develop. 2020 is looking good for STEEM and all the great things being added to the chain.

I agree and hope it does. I hope that it's rolled out over communities and people use it instead of discord =)

or a chat during a splinterlands trounament would be cool




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Hey @cadawg, here is a little bit of BEER from @benedict08 for you. Enjoy it!

Very interesting!
This should also make private chats possible via cryptography or using Memo keys, right?

@tipu curate

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Yeah, and I can use account keys so there won't need to be any pre-sharing of keys, and I can decrypt it with Keychain! =)

That's gonna be a fair step up from current though

Cool stuff! Good luck with this project!


Cool this. Live chat. Thanks for sharing :) !BEER

No problem


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sound great


When you want your chat messages to be on permanent record, this is how you do it. For example, if you have legal obligation to issue a warning or instructions or anything like that, a blockchain is a good place to store that information reliably and with an immutable timestamp.


Good alternatives for Discord :D

I aim for Discord to be the Alternative to this =)

It looks very nice.


looks good .. keep at it


Without lying, I was planning to build something very similar and now youre here :'D.

But you probably have better coding skills than I anyway so it's for the better lol

Someone else was too:


I can see this being added as a chat box for tribes and communities.

Who invited you here? JK. I'd love for it to!

Now we can get cozy w/ each other finally .

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Wow fascinating @cadawg well done on the chat app.


Superb Idea . Hopefully it becomes available for on site chat in tribes and other steem dapps!

deranged You just received DERANGED @cadawg Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com

Works perfect on my end. This is awesome!


We totally need a chat!


WOW MAn i am SO grateful! thanks to @steempeak for this PROMOTED post!

I cannnot WAIt to replace https://keybase.io :D

LOL Public chats won't be encrypted, so not quite Keybase Level.

Then why cany we use the memo keys

Get to work memo key slave

And yeah yeah i know its not pgp its whatever @inertia told me years ago it was - its not sha its somethin else what is steem key encryption based on again? I need name damnit names

Yeah... no, that would be infeasable for groups because it would:

  1. Double the message (custom_json) size for every person you add
  2. You'd need to know who's there
  3. Read 1.
  4. Read 2.

oh ok , nevrmind

but still add steem to keybase the otehr guy said we could

diud u get your $48 in free keybase moiney yesterday? Its liek i get uyniversal basic income. why dont africans and venezuelans all get on keybase> ? @ratzen u gettinmg ur free stellar fopundation welkfare man?

Is it possible to earn Steem through the chat app? Can people vote on your comment for example? Or would this result in all Steem being earned by the account handle all the transactions?

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The app uses custom_json instead of comment, so there is no way to upvote a chat


Although the answer to your question is not necessarily no, stay tuned! (You might have to wait a while)

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I wonder what will be the impact on transaction count if this gets massively adopted by steemians.

OOF. Steem can handle it though

I know it can handle it :-D but I would kek hard if your app gets massively adopted and chatting overcomes regular transactions lol.

Anyone could find out, with a bit of chain analytics!

really good job! But no chat history and the fact that it can be seen by everyone and cannot be deleted has to be a turn off... But I appreciate the effort, I always was looking for something like this on here

I understand it's a bit of a double edged sword, but in the future I may be able to implement timed destruction through cryptography (still not quite deletion), and I have a plan for chat history. Still it's early phases. 🤷‍♂️

great, looking forard to it!

[@alucian] Very nice to see, do not stop working on it like so many other projects.

Why you do not enter the CC Hashtag on your Post?^^
Youre able to add the #CC later too.
Have a nice Chat with good comments.

This is a kind of thing that I was waiting for all along. Keep it up bro.

I'm glad!

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Whalevault signed it but I did not see it in the chat app (using Firefox):

11/13/2019, 10:04:03 PM
user: stm:machnbirdsparo
site: streemjs-public-client--snaddyvitch-dis.repl.co
auth: PostingKey [signBuffer]
reason: SendMessageto#hello-wo [custom_json]

Great job @cadawg! Will check it out


Hi @cadawg

Your post brought so much attention. Amazing :)

Enter your username to unlock the chat box.

I've tried to enter my username and finally I could write a message, however when I click "send" (enter) then entire tool simply froze.

so it's advised to login as yourself to be able to use it.

How to login? I wasn't asked about password or keychain connection or anything like that.

Upvoted already

  1. That's how it's supposed to work (no login atm)
  2. If it freezes on "send", it usually means No Keychain or This account isn't in keychain, SteemConnect semi-support is planned (but it may be hard with some of the features)

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Great news

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Cool stuff - really happy to see you test the possibilities and boundaries of a Steem based chat app :D Thanks for your work!

No problem, just released another app (aren't I crazy?)


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