Telling my story about Green Card

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I have been somehow away from blockchain in general and it has been quite difficult to keep up with all the "allocation" of time I had for this. This means I will probably refactor my time onwards. It's life. Does not change what I think about this platform though. It just means that every time I get here, it will be even more interesting.

Jade Green Card

If you are a fan of crypto, I highly advise you to get it This is not the latest model, but I am super satisfied with it already, especially because I am able to feel it in my hands, while the company goes thought the usual rollover process of the new cards.

ALERT!!! $50 USD FREE MONEY if you stake 50 MCO!


The full story

It all started a few weeks ago when I did a post, reviewing some of the latest features. Then, a few days later, I did a new post about the card being shipped.

Funny story about the shipping process behind the scenes was that the tracking number you get (in my case reported by the app of being from DHL), pointed me to someone in Hong Kong. Later on, I received an email with a FedEx tracking number and I guessed it would be the Asian process of Singapore sending the card request first to Hong Kong, probably for production and then shipped to the target customer.

The Moment!


The package arrived just on time. As usual with FedEx.

Within the FedEx envelope, there was a smaller squared one. Then, inside of that one, the magical blue package. Quite professional and way innovative if you compare it with ANY other Credit Card company.

After opening it, you get a Welcome message from Kris and another smaller honeycomb-shaped package with the card.

The card looks Stunning!



This was interesting also... both on the positive and unexpected side of the experience. Yes, you guessed right, I could not activate right away the card. Why?

Usually, I am this lucky and coincidently they were having problems with the activations.

This made me try the chat support

Which made me surprisingly happy about. Super fast and the team seams super skilled, able to take almost any kind of question/problem.

I would dream to manage a team like this.

Pretty amazing support! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The web app, that supports the chat is also very intuitive and allows you to save the chat history, which also gets sent by email when the "ticket" get's closed.

The experience

During the process I had a chat with a least 3 different persons and I felt that whatever was my worry/concern, they would always do some kind fo background checking (without me saying anything), which proves my suspicions...

They have great tools and access to customer information in order to properly provide support.

I even got one of the chats dropped by a failure of my internet, and although having started a new chat with a new support member, I still got a follow up (plus realization something was already done) from the first staff I was talking to.

In less than 8 hours, my problem was solved.

And believe me... I am very persistent!

I have worked for support businesses for more than +12 years now, and I know a few tricks and have my fair share experience. So, I can tell when/if they are doing a great job... And they are!


Loved the experience and that feels comforting when using something like crypto. Where most people don't really feel comfortable about.

After the Mist... Watch the Sun rising!

I finally got the card activated and set my PIN (6 digits 🤩). Not many countries have 6 pin digit cards. That should actually be the new standard as it is a step closer to educate people, that they need to have more "randomness" to your assets.

Have you noticed it...

Yes, SGD as the Card currency!

I know this is just a temporary situation... due Fiat regulations. It's very hard/costly to have an international VISA issued card with support for multiple currencies. Long along support for top-ups from crypto.

So, for now, yes, Singapore based VISA card. But because there is (for the Jade Stake Card level) $10k USD Interbank free trading fees, it means you can use up to that amount when not using the card against the SGD fiat. Plenty for me.

Once it becomes available in NZD, it will become even more interesting.

Don't be scared by this, ok? Unless you are expecting to transact more than 10K USD per month, this (Jade Green Card) should be more than enough kind of card for you.

You can check the limits of each stake level on the Cards details, in case you need to know more.

Spotify and Netflix!

With the Jade Card I am able to benefit from some free perks (rebates). All you need is to use your card to pay the bills and then you will get the rebate in MCO, deposited in your crypo wallet.

The Dream Lounge

Unfortunately, my plans for the End of the Year somehow shifted and although I was planning on flying to use the New Zealand Auckland Lounge available with Lounge KEY, I had to cancel it due to personal reasons.

Will try it out another time and validate the quality of these lounges.

Air New Zealand Lounges or in general Star Alliance ones are quite nice on average. Not a luxury thing, but quite good.

The Jade Green Card is the minimum level required to enjoy (currently) from this partnership with Lounge KEY.

Things I would love to see...

Being a traveller (at least once per year), having the ability to use lounges and have some mobility within the air travel space is important.

Most basics are already covered by the employer, but when reaching out for the extra mile, you might need to use from your own pocket if not for health reasons.

Increasing comfort and options is what lounges are all about. You might not always use them to the full extent, but I can tell you, one day you will wish you could have access to one. On desperate times, they regenerate your mind rest and put up some magical comfortable distraction to your mind.

Cash Back!

This is one of the most amazing features in my view.

To the right, you can see my first transaction while getting my weekly groceries. I have made a tweet about it some time ago. Pretty crazy!

On the left, it's an updated picture of my current cashback... $19.03 USD!

The dream...

As finally realized. And I will be using way more than before, now that I have a card.


I am not a lazy crypto explorer, I see through always!

We need more features. Some of them I have already made aware, but it's always great to re'iterate. These are a couple I have either asked or am motivated to push/comment about:

  • Move back (from the card balance) fiat to either fiat balance or directly to buy crypto. Or directly consume from a specific crypto balance.
  • Combined payments (imagine that you can't pay for something in total along with your friend... just make it possible by pre' authorizing the amount you are able to contribute to whom is paying and giving it a worldly....
  • More default FIAT currencies (and inter' bank communication).
  • More POS partnerships... New Zealand has EFTPOS, others might have different ones.
  • Grouped accounts
  • Automated transactions

If you value personal experience...

Please let me know about your experience too.
I really would appreciate it... I am an explorer! It's in my Portuguese blood 😎

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When I get more money... I get one also 😁👌 I hope you are happy .

Crazy happy 😃... best card ever!!!

This story was a rollercoaster from beginning to end, it was such an interesting and educational read I'm willing to bet your Twitter followers would learn a lot from it.

Recently, we came up with an initiative to try and spread awareness of the Steem Blockchain on Twitter, which is why we kindly invite you to check out this post, we think you might like the idea.

Keep creating amazing content, Steem on!

Thanks for the appreciation. Will check again later. But yes, might be a great way to attract more traffic.

Ah you got your card I’m so jealous I still need to wait a few more weeks to qualify for mine can’t wait to get it

Will be faster than you expect. Things are super pumped. There’s a huge team working behind the scenes.

This is a great review! I'm more and more ainclined to give this card a try; using Revolut and loving it when I travel, but that one has some great features, such as that cashback!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Make sure you use my link 😜

Seriously, today I just found (and met) the first real third NZ person holding one. It's definitely getting viral! =)

If I join in, with your link it will be! 👍

Currently trying to move my entire financial life into this card =) With second backups of course... but it will be massive if I can make it.

The target is to be ZERO fee addition. I need to work with this card the same way I work with any NZ bank.

The target is to be ZERO fee addition

Seems a great goal; AND with cashback! Definitely have to check it. 😉

Bank transfers to New Zealand have just been released also, I have just did the activation transfer yesterday. Waiting for it to be activated.

The problem with SWIFT transfers is that usually banks charge a bit. Not usually by %, but by service fee, but still annoying.

You’ll have to let us know how the airport lounges are once you try them out man!

I will... probably in February... if all goes according to plan.


thanks info.

Would be interesting on what you think about it (assuming you are trying it for the first time).

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..sounds great..the card looks great as well..will check it out..meanwhile, thank you..up..steem on!..

Let us know which one you choose... =)

..have to check it out clearly, guess in Europe it is still not available..

..of course follow you..resteemed..


Why so quiet lately on your profile @forykw? :)

Yes... I have been busy with biological life. 😜 Can't possibly choose to be here more than I can afford right now. But I am around. Always!

Let's call it, vacations.