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RE: dCity Investments - weekly update

in #dcity2 months ago

Are you play Risingstar yet? :D
Its free to start :D


No, not yet

I might check it out

I think its funny. Its more active than Dcity is tho, but thats why I like it.

Its completely free, no starting pack to buy. You can ofcouse if you want to, but not needed.

I am currently in a place where I can get around 10k Starbits (On HE) every second day, which equals to 5 Hive every second day :D

I do just put them back into the game for growth.

Oh that is a nice income.

I’m now getting almost 700 sim per day on my @elbrava account from dcity.

Thats nice!
Dcity is good if you can invest a lot into it.
I only get around 110 sim per day

I think I’ve invested about 500 hive in it and all the income I got over the last 4 month’s or so.

It’s a major investment, but the returns are absolutely worth it.

That is what I consider "much" for someone who is just trying to grow with HP :p

True, for me it was the steem power down that allowed me to invest so much.

Not a bad idea.
I used the steem power to lease HP :D

Yep. Had to do scan. Trouble from other things. But gonna get on laptop soon and probably post about it