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RE: dCity Investments - weekly update

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I had a random thought.
Since you earn more in dcity than I do, what would it cost me to get you to take a look at my dcity and give me infos about how to improve? :p


Ok, let's look at your dcity.

First, I see you have some workers and even hard workers. Those are nice, but also wrote overpriced on the market. If you compare the prices to a basic home or even a luxury home then you will be able to exchange them at roughly the same price for more population and in the car of the luxury home more income. I'm a big fan of luxury homes, since they produce the highest income of any population card in relation to the amount of population that they bring.

Second, you have gamblers, but you don't have a casino that would produce more gamer tokens because of the gamblers. So they are basically very expensive homeless. So I would sell those.

Third, you have 3 job centers, but you don't have any homeless. Every day the game first decides if there will be a homeless training or an immigrants training. This means that when it is the turn for homeless to be trained your are missing out. I try to constantly have 3 homeless and 3 immigrants so that I never miss any training opportunity.

Fourthly, wind turbines are not that good until you get the technology that gives them 2 extra income. Especially for a small dcity the negative popularity is an issue. Also you can generally exchange 3 wind turbines for 1 restaurant. This needs a bit extra pupulation, but it brings a big difference in popularity so that will help getting the extra population. Also the income is better.

Don't get me wrong your dcity looks pretty good, but these are the points I would change.

I really don't buy anything from the market. All of the workers and hard workers either came from buying cards randomly or from Homeless/Immigrants being trained.

Gamblers are on the market now :D

Okay cool, I will keep my homeless people.

Okay, the four wind turbines are up for sale :P
When/If they sell, I will have enough SIM for a Restaurant :D

Do you want the Mpath tokens to this account or your other account? :D

This account please and thanks a lot for that!

Btw the what is the mpath discord?
I still dont get upvotes x)


As long as the prices are like this I treat training homeless /immigrants and citizens as an extra extra income source.

As long as they don't provide something special like creativity or education.