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RE: dCity Investments - weekly update

in #dcity3 months ago

If you use the site to sell your dcity cards, you can use the LIST token to buy and sell! We are about to start buying some cards to delist for sale in the LIST token. Giving it another use case. I am a bit addicted to this game, started building a city on @thelogicaldude and went a little nuts and have a 140 ranked city in 3 days! Huge potentials in this game for sure. If you have cards for sale, make sure you post on Hivelist and use the ‘forsale’ and ‘nft’ tags!


Yes, I’ve read that about the and list tokens. Dcity is indeed quite addictive. Whatever you put in, you immediately see result and the return on investment is insanely fast.

Is quite funny to see all the investment programs like brodund, spinvest and Mpath to start dcities, because it is so profitable.

I’ll have a look for some dcity cards to sell or buy using the list token.