dCity Investments - are the in-game events worth it?

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Are the dcity in-game events worth it?

One of the most awesome features of dcity is the fact that other tokens can be used in the game. The BEER token, CCC token, Stem token, Weed token, Gamer token and now even the DEC token from splinterlands can all be used to fund an event in your dcity.

Since all these hive-engine tokens can be bought and sold. Their prices fluctuate. This means that a certain price point it is just not worth it, but also when the price is low enough it can be an absolute no-brainer.

I do use the lowest selling order price for the token to calculate the total price, since I assume that you would want to immediately buy the tokens. You could obviously try to get your tokens cheaper by setting a buy order that has a lower price than the highest sell order. But that makes my calculations a bit more complicated and I choose to not do that. If you can get the tokens cheaper, then you probably should.


The Beer Fest requires 5 BEER tokens and at the current selling price of 0,295 Hive (it is actually Swap.Hive on hive-engine) this makes the total cost 1,475 hive.

This gives you a 20% chance to get a worker or a hard worker every 2 hours. So on average you should get about 2,4 workers per event. But you can be very lucky with these events or not, so I cannot guarantee that it will work the first time. But by the time you had a 100 events, you should see that probability show up in the results.

Now Workers and especially Hard workers are really useful and I think also quite overpriced on the market currently. So personally I would definitely sell Hard worker and try to fund the next BEER event with it.

The average price for a Hard worker on the market in the last 30 days was 469 SIM, mostly because they are quite rare. But as you can see, selling one can fund your next BEER Fest.

Finally, the BEER Fest also boosts your popularity, which means that you will likely also get some extra Homeless or Immigrants cards as well.

All in all, I think that a BEER Fest is a good event at this price point and quite a good allocation for your funds.

Science Convention

The Science Convention requires 100 Stem tokens and at the current selling price of 0,0336 Hive (it is actually called Swap.Hive on hive-engine) this makes the total cost 3,36 Hive.

This gives you a 20% chance to get a scientist every 2 hours. So on average you should get about 2,4 scientists per event.

The great benefit of scientists is that they not only provide you with 1 Population, but also 1 Education, which is useful for discovering Technologies. Something that a lot of dcity players are very interested in. This might even have caused the price of Stem to go up, who knows..

The average price for a Scientist card on the market in the past 30 days was 219 sim, which is about 2/3 of the price it was when I last did this report. Meaning that you are better off buying scientists on the market rather than holding these events for this reason.

Finally the Science convention will also give you an Education bonus for the curation of the event, so it will increase your chances to discover a Technology. If that happens, then a Science convention is absolutely worth it, regardless of the Technology card you get.

But if you want to build your Education rating long term, then you should probably better get a School, University or Research Center. In the end that will help you more to get those technologies you would like to get. Especially if your chances of discovery are still below 5%, then the Science convention is probably not really worth it.

Art Convention

The Art convention requires 250 CCC tokens and at the current selling price of 0,00159 Hive (it is actually Swap.Hive on hive-engine) this makes the total cost 0,3975 Hive or if you convert SIM for it then it costs you 90 SIM. This makes the Art convention the cheapest event in dcity by far. Even cheaper than last time I did this report. And since it boosts your Creativity you might discover a nice new background for your dcity.

This gives you a 20% chance to get an Artist every 2 hours. So on average you should get about 2,4 artists per event. That is about 37,5 SIM per Artist. Considering that Homeless are being sold for about 50 SIM, while having a -1 to popularity, means that stacking some CCC tokens to get some Artists is an absolute no-brainer.

The fact that Artists also give a +1 to Creativity is nice, it might help you to get some nice backgrounds, but currently I am mostly interested in the fact that they are now the cheapest form of Population for your dcity.

So get some cheap CCC while you can! Remember you need 250 per event.


The Weed Fest requires 75 WEED tokens and at the current selling price of 0,076 Hive (it is actually Swap.Hive on hive-engine) this makes the total cost 5,7 Hive. This is cheaper than last time, but still by far the most expensive event for dcity.

This gives you a 20% chance to get an Artist every 2 hours. So on average you should get about 2,4 Artists per event. But clearly at this price in comparison with the Art Convention, you would be an absolute fool to do this for the Artists. Also it has a lower Creativity bonus than the Art convention.

So why would anyone still start a Weed Fest? That is for the bonus it creates for Weed Farms. It doubles Weed Farm production. A friend told me his Weed Farms produce about 0,085 WEED per farm per day. So this means that even with the current price for WEED there is a break-even point for the Weed Fest. This is the point where your Weed Farms produce more than 75 WEED daily.

Because if you can spend 75 WEED to produce more than 75 WEED, then you make a profit. The extra backgrounds and Artists are just a bonus. You would need 883 Weed farms for it, so I don’t know if anyone has been able to accumulate such a number of Weed Farms. But it would be an interesting strategy for your dcity.

Obviously when you sell the backgrounds and Artists, then you would reach the breakeven point sooner. Also when the price of WEED would go down and more people would start these events, then the pool gets bigger and potentially the Weed farms produce more Weed. We will have to see.

For now I would advise new players to ignore the Weed Fest.

Poker Night

The Poker Night requires 20000 Gamer tokens and at the current selling price of 0,000065 Hive (it is actually Swap.Hive on hive-engine) this makes the total cost 1,3 Hive. Which is pretty cheap.

This gives you a 15% chance to get a Gambler or 5% chance to get an Addicted Gambler every 2 hours. So on average you should get about 1,8 Gamblers and 0,6 Addicted Gamblers per event. These have negative popularity, so a Gambler is really the same as a Homeless. The Addicted Gambler will at least give you some income, so it is a bit more interesting. Personally I would sell them.

If you have some Casino’s in your dcity, then you will get some Gamer tokens for free and you can then use these to start the Poker Night events. If you have gamblers, then gamer token production will be a bit higher per gambler card.

But other than that I would not recommend this event over the Art convention unless you want to use the special feature of the Poker Night: lowering the Crime Rate of your dcity.

Spinterfest event

This event requires 500 DEC and at the current selling price of 0,00223 this makes the total cost about 1.14 hive, which is pretty good as it is cheaper than the beer fest and the poker night. Only the art convention is cheaper.

This event gives you a 18% to get a gamer card every two hours or 2% to get a pack of cards for the Splinterlands game, which is a really cool bridge between dcity and splinterlands.

There is a limited amount of packs available, so if you want one, then start your event soon!

Also this event increases the production of entry tokens by the stadium card. Normally the stadium produces 1 entry token per day, but during an event this is increased by 5%.

These gamer citizen cards also increase entry token production by 0.04% and 1%. I think this means there are also pro gamer cards, but I’m not sure about this yet.

Entry tokens are needed to be able to join the dcity splinterlands tournament with a price pool of 50.000 DEC.

If you like me don’t play splinterlands, then you can still sell the packs, the entry tokens and the gamer cards. So this is really a great event to be added to dcity and also it is great to see how a bridge is build between dcity and splinterlands.


If you are looking for an event to get some population, then you should focus on the BEER Fest or the Art convention. At the current prices the Art convention looks really good. But the BEER Fest with it’s Popularity bonus is also really nice, since it will increase your chances to get free Homeless and Immigrants.

The Science convention is useful for boosting your education and increasing your chances of discovering Technologies. The Weed Fest is mostly useful for boosting your Weed Farm’s production and the Poker Night is mostly useful for reducing your crime rate.

But if you play splinterlands alongside dcity, then the splinterfest will quickly become your new most favorite event.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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You don't play Splinterlands - one of the most popular games?
I thought I'm the only one who does not play Splinterlands. lol...

It's luck what you get out of an event. You cannot say for sure what you actually get from an event. It's like buying random cards. You do not know the outcomes. The way you explain everything and give your suggestion, I like that.

By the way, did you hear about Rabona? It is a football manager game. It's now on beta testing. You can learn about this from here.

Oh I’d love to play it, but it would cost too much of my time. I can get quite addicted to these kinds of games.

On the flip side, you do not have to give that much time to dCity. You set strategy, buy and sell to optimize your city. I like that. Some people might find that boring because they cannot play like other games.

Indeed, I like that a lot about dcity.

With splinterlands I hear you can sink many hours a day into it.