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I’ve been writing about several aspects of dcity so far, but I would like to add to that a weekly update about changes that I have made. Tutorials are great for understanding a certain aspect of the game, but along side these it is great to also be able to get insights on day-to-day strategic choices from players that are a bit further ahead in the game. That is what I will try to provide you with in these weekly updates.

Currently I have two dcities. One on my main account @elbrava, which you can find here. My aim for this city is to simply grow as fast as possible and enter the top200 of dcities. This will likely require me to invest more money to make that happen.

My other dcity is for my @invest4free account, which you can find here. This second account I set up specifically to show that through being active on Hive, you can become an investor for free. You will actually be able to build an investment portfolio that will generate passive income for you through being active on hive.

This weeks developments are:


I finally decided that keeping some Steem on the old blockchain to milk that dying project some more is just not worth my time anymore. Also the time/reward ratio is worse than when I am able to invest some more in for instance dcity.

So that is exactly what I’ve done. Today 47 Hive have gone into dcity, converted into SIM first ofcourse because that way when I buy random cards it is as if I get 10% discount. Or something like that.

I have been buying 1st generation cards, since those are better for growth of your dcity. Obviously you don’t get any creativity or education from them. But since I was very close to dropping below position 300 in the rankings, I decided it was time to ignore education for now and focus only on effective growth.

Only to deviate immediately when I heard about the new event in dcity, Splinterfest, that in return for 500 DEC will give you a chance to receive Gamer citizen cards and 5% to recieve a Dice pack for Splinterlands.

Now, I’m not planning to start playing Splinterlands, because it will take far too much of my time. But these packs can be sold for good money, so I bought myself 1500 DEC. Hoping to get at least one of these packs in which case the DEC investment was totally worth it and the Gamer citizens a free bonus.

From my random cards purchase I got a Bank and a Police station and I have decided to sell both. I do not want to take the time at this stage to optimise my dcity for working with crime related cards. I just want to get my popularity rating high, grow effectively and focus on cards that cannot be robbed and still give good income values.


For @invest4free I am not interested in population at all. I just want as much SIM income as possible. This means that for this dcity I will also ignore/sell all Shopping Malls, Banks, Casino’s. Further I will sell all cards with negative popularity, since positive popularity is free population. I want that to only go up.

Since I was quite lucky with my very cheap Art Convention, I got 4 artist. I was able to put the last immigrants and homeless cards on the market, so they are not lowering my popularity rating anymore.

I have been saving SIM tokens on this account, since I am about to make another random card purchase. A bit of a gamble ofcourse. I could end up with a Public Restroom, which would not be fun. But the chances of getting a card that is more expensive on the market than 800 SIM, is totally worth it.

It is a little tempting to sell my Stadium on the market, since the price of that has gone up a lot since the start of the Splinterfest event. But I have decided not to do that. Perhaps these entry tokens that it produces are going to be valuable and it is nice to see my starting to produce not just SIM but also this new token for a Splinterlands tournament.

If you have any questions about your dcity about how to improve it, how to grow it more quickly or any other question. Please do ask in the comments. I try to always give a response.

Thanks for reading, do follow me for more dcity and investment content and see you next time!

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Oh boy, sometimes I'm stumped on what to do next for my dCity. LOL! Staying on Top 300 remains a challenge!! :D happy week ahead!

Or go all in and invest 100 hive, that should keep you in the top 300 for quite some time.

The top 300 hundred rewards aren’t that great anymore, so you could also go the investor way. Take 50% of sim to grow your dcity by buying new random cards and take 50% out and invest that in something else.