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I’ve been writing about several aspects of dcity so far, but I would like to add to that a weekly update about changes that I have made. Tutorials are great for understanding a certain aspect of the game, but along side these it is great to also be able to get insights on day-to-day strategic choices from players that are a bit further ahead in the game. That is what I will try to provide you with in these weekly updates.

Currently I have two dcities. One on my main account @elbrava, which you can find here. My aim for this city is to simply grow as fast as possible and enter the top200 of dcities. This will likely require me to invest more money to make that happen.

My other dcity is for my @invest4free account, which you can find here. This second account I set up specifically to show that through being active on Hive, you can become an investor for free. You will actually be able to build an investment portfolio that will generate passive income for you through being active on hive.

This weeks developments are:

I have made a major decision that impacts how I work with my two dcities from now on. As my focus for @elbrava is to stay in the top300 and if possible to climb to the top200, I don’t want to run the risk of loosing income, unless that is compensated by a much larger income.

This means that Banks, Casino’s and Shopping malls currently are not an option for @elbrava. I rather sell them and get other cards. But since @invest4free has a much lower crime rate, only 4% now it is quite beneficial to send any banks, casino’s and shopping malls to @invest4free. As that dcity is not focussed on population, but only on SIM income. This allows me to make trades.

So I have sent the Stadium, Restaurant and Farm from @invest4free to @elbrava and sent 2 Banks in return, with a Gym. I will continue to work like this until @invest4free has enough Banks etc. to make it worthwile to send them back over to @elbrava.

Also another steem powerdown has arrived and I have invested that in more 1st generation cards, which has propelled me back into the 270-280 range. The difference is quite phenomenal. 2nd generation cards are just a lot more specialized. I am really curious what the new 3rd generation cards will be like, but for now it is quite ok to buy 1st generation cards I think.


As stated above I have traded some cards between my two accounts and it has resulted for @invest4free in an income that is nearly double what it was before.

I also bought another random card and got quite lucky as it was a Cinema. A good income card, that also lowers crime. It was 5%, but now it dropped back to 4% which is really nice for my two banks.

Now my focus is to buy cheap Population, since my new cinema still needs quite a few workers.

I am really happy with the choice I made to start trading between my two dcities, rather than strictly separating them. In the end this is more beneficial to both dcities.

If you have any questions about your dcity about how to improve it, how to grow it more quickly or any other question. Please do ask in the comments. I try to always give a response.

Thanks for reading, do follow me for more dcity and investment content and see you next time!

If you would like to start investing in dcity, because it is fun and very profitable. Or you want to get more hive to increase your investment. Then why not start a Cryptobrewmaster account?

Cryptobrewmaster is completely free. It is also very simple, since it is still in alpha test and you can get the minimum withdrawal of 1000 CBM tokens in about 1 month. That is currently about 45–50 hive.

If you use my referral link then we both get some free ingredients to speed up the production progress: Click here


How can I get into this game?

Hi, you need to go to dcity.io and register your account.

Then you either buy cards on the market or you buy random cards in the game for 4 hive or for 800 sim. Since the sim price is low at the moment, I would advise to buy sim tokens on hive-engine.

Very nice! I'd like an artistic background but that will have to wait, I guess.

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Is buy those on the market. They are getting really cheap. Just like basic homes by the way. I bought 3 yesterday for 250 sim each.

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1000 comments in 16 weeks, not bad 😜

You seem to never sleep @invest4free😉

Ah I just have had some very interesting conversations with some people


If you use the beta.nftm.art site to sell your dcity cards, you can use the LIST token to buy and sell! We are about to start buying some cards to delist for sale in the LIST token. Giving it another use case. I am a bit addicted to this game, started building a city on @thelogicaldude and went a little nuts and have a 140 ranked city in 3 days! Huge potentials in this game for sure. If you have cards for sale, make sure you post on Hivelist and use the ‘forsale’ and ‘nft’ tags!

Yes, I’ve read that about the beta.nftm.art and list tokens. Dcity is indeed quite addictive. Whatever you put in, you immediately see result and the return on investment is insanely fast.

Is quite funny to see all the investment programs like brodund, spinvest and Mpath to start dcities, because it is so profitable.

I’ll have a look for some dcity cards to sell or buy using the list token.