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I’ve been writing about several aspects of dcity so far, but I would like to add to that a weekly update about changes that I have made. Tutorials are great for understanding a certain aspect of the game, but along side these it is great to also be able to get insights on day-to-day strategic choices from players that are a bit further ahead in the game. That is what I will try to provide you with in these weekly updates.

Currently I have two dcities. One on my main account @elbrava, which you can find here. My aim for this city is to simply grow as fast as possible and enter the top200 of dcities. This will likely require me to invest more money to make that happen.

My other dcity is for my @invest4free account, which you can find here. This second account I set up specifically to show that through being active on Hive, you can become an investor for free. You will actually be able to build an investment portfolio that will generate passive income for you through being active on hive.

This weeks developments are:

I’ve had another steem power down of about 45 hive. Next week will be the last one of this size. After that there is only a little bit left that I will power down as well and then my steem adventures have officially ended.

I realized that it did cost me time to maintain a stem account and that I didn’t earn the revenues that I easily get through dcity. It is a better investment opportunity. Also because dcity has more development than steem... seriously.

I continued buying generation 1 cards as I find it much easier to climb the rankings with those, than with generation 2 cards. I’m back in the top 250 now, which I find pretty awesome.

I have also sold two factories, as I think I can swap them for cards that earn more income.

I have also put some basic homes on the market as I rather get luxury homes for the higher income.

I also have held two more art conventions, as I keep being able to get 250 ccc for less than 0,5 hive.

I could wait for the 3rd generation cards ofcourse, but the return on investment for dcity is so quick that it makes no sense to wait. You lose too much by waiting.

Because of the war tax I am getting close to getting 800 sim a day even with taxes, which is totally awesome. I would never have thought it possible that I would get to this point this quickly.


I have continued to use this dcity as a low crime dcity for my banks. Now also with a gym, a cinema and a police station.

Through selling a bit of my Leo stake, I have been able to buy some dcity cards, but I just got a park, a wind turbine and a school. I have sent the school to @elbrava, since it has a lot more use in that dcity.

I did get a shopping mall on @elbrava, but I haven’t sent it to @invest4free, since even at 5% crime the income of the shopping mall doesn’t do enough to balance being robbed 5% of the days.

It was more profitable to sell them at this point. At some point I might start keeping them, but at the moment I won’t.

If you have any questions about your dcity about how to improve it, how to grow it more quickly or any other question. Please do ask in the comments. I try to always give a response.

Thanks for reading, do follow me for more dcity and investment content and see you next time!

If you would like to start investing in dcity, because it is fun and very profitable. Or you want to get more hive to increase your investment. Then why not start a Cryptobrewmaster account?

Cryptobrewmaster is completely free. It is also very simple, since it is still in alpha test and you can get the minimum withdrawal of 1000 CBM tokens in about 1 month. That is currently about 45–50 hive.

If you use my referral link then we both get some free ingredients to speed up the production progress: Click here


I've been checking but have no idea what this is like.
Can you explain me?

Hi, it can be a bit confusing indeed. If you go to dcity.io and then to the Info tab then when you scroll down, you will find a few very good tutorial posts.

I also wrote in introduction post that is a bit more investor focused: https://peakd.com/dcity/@invest4free/investing-in-dcity-part-1-how-to-start

But I would recommend to read this tutorial first: https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@ecoinstats/how-to-manage-your-dcity-for-fun-and-profit-beginner-guide-to-dcity-game

Good idea! Sell the pumps in tokens, reinvest - let's Build!

Thanks for the compliment mr President!

Please do not use the Hivelist tag unless you are promoting a product, service, an open gig, contest, etc. If you post were selling dCity cards or something like that, it would be appropriate. We are not wanting this to be another post repo front end to just try and earn tokens. We want to keep Hivelist as a classifieds style platform. For this reason, this post will not be upvoted. Continued abuse will result in downvotes. Thanks.

Ok, that’s cool. I thought you also liked entrepreneurial/investment stuff.

I will remove the hivelist tag from my templates for posts.

Trying to keep it to mainly a marketplace and classifieds site for the most part. I am cool with business style posts if instead you use the #hivecommerce tag, so that it will go to the appropriate category on hivelist. Just trying to keep it going in the intended direction, have had allot of random stuff showing up lately, haha. Guess I need to make some updated instructional posts on how to properly use it. Just trying to not let it become another random post repo to earn tokens like some of the others.

Oh, nice. I’ll use the hivecommerce tag then.

I think it would be good if you write a post like that.

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