Dcity: what top 5 cards to buy on the market?

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A while ago I wanted to find out of some cards on the market for dcity were cheap in comparison with buying random cards.

So I made a nice spreadsheet and found out that some cards indeed are more profitable. In this I only look for the sim income.

If you buy 1st edition random cards, then you are expected to get about 6,65 sim income on average. This means that, since a random card costs 800 sim, you pay 120 sim per 1 sim daily income generated.

You can then multiply the sim income for any card on the market with 120 and then you know the maximum price you should pay for this card.

I then compare this with the 30 day average price for a card as provided by the cityhelper discord bot. Market prices will obviously be different.


I found that the Hotel card is currently the most profitable card on the market. Or to be more precise, it was the most profitable card in the market in the last 30 days.


Except when you get the gmo farming technology, because that makes the Farm card more profitable than the hotel card.


You wouldn’t think so, but actually the casino is the 3rd best card to buy on the market. Even with an average price of 2615 sim it is more profitable than buying random cards. Unless it gets robbed though, so be aware of your crime rate.

Ad agency

The fourth card is the ad agency. An often overlooked card, but always good to see if you can get one cheap.


The fifth one is quite a popular card and for good reason. The income to worker ratio is good, the popularity is nice and it adds a nice 10 sim income to your dcity before taxes.

Cards like the Weed dispensary, Night club, wind turbine in combination with the Eco energy technology have gotten a bit more expensive over the last 30 days.

So there you have it. The top 5 cards to buy on the market.

P.s. if you have all the technologies for the factory, then this is a great card to get on the market as well. But that Requires some very expensive technologies.


I love this updates! They help me a lot with my own city! :D

Glad to hear that!

Good list! I had four out of the five and recently picked up the casino. I do not do much comparing of income to cost but I probably should. I have compared the prices of some cards on the market between prices in SIM and prices in Swap.hive.

As for the tech, automation will certainly help me in regards to the factories. I am aiming for robots which will free some population. !tan

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Yes those are great technologies for factories. Without them you might as well get a zoo or circus instead, but with them factories are good.

There can be big price differences between sim and swap.hive, so that is always good to check.

Also the sim price is pretty high the last weeks.

Thanks a lot for this list Elmer, you are making great work to help others profit from this game, keep it up and have an awesome Sunday.

You’re welcome and thanks for the kind words :)

I happy to share my strategies as it gives me a great topic to write about.

When you start playing dcity it is not that easy to find good info about how to be efficient

Just bought another Farm.

Haha, good for you. If you calculate the roi on these farms it is ridiculous. Even with about 30% tax on average.

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