Investing in dCity - Big city strategies

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Today I’d like to talk about big cities and how the Hive bonus for the top200 cities influences their decisions, or at least should.

When you look at the ranking tab in dcity you see that the top200 cities not just get their SIM income, but they also get rewards in Hive. You can see exactly how much they get. The number 200 doesn’t get a whole lot, but still it gives an incentive to try to get to the top200. However if you climb the list with your city, then your Hive income will increase a lot. The number 1 today gets more than 200 Hive per day and the number 2 gets 160 Hive, so that is quite a difference.

Everyday 50% of all card sales is put into the price pool and then 1,5% of that is distributed over the top200 cities. Just very recently I noticed that is was at 100.000 Hive, but is already at almost 150.000 Hive today.

The ranking is based on the population of your city, but the rewards seem to be based on the ranking on the list. The number 1 and 2 cities today don’t have a huge difference in population, still the number 1 gets a lot more Hive. This is really good, because it gives these guys at the top a reason to keep growing.

It is important that they keep growing, because if they start dumping their SIM on the market then the price drops a lot. Now with the Hive rewards there is a big competition for those top spots and if one person would decide to cash out, then others would quickly take their place.

This is why big cities want to maximize their Population, even when it costs them a bit of SIM income. Unemployment has a negative effect on your SIM income, but when it gives you a nice Hive reward, then you don’t mind so much. Still it is nice to put those people to work, so that is why big cities love Factories and Airports. Those production cards need a lot of workers.

Since most cards on the dcity market get sold above 4 Hive or 800 SIM, it means that a random card is really good investment. But with the version 1 cards, you will get loads of Basic Home’s and Luxury Home’s and for the version 2 cards you will get loads of Farm’s and Park’s. So you will see big city player’s sell these cards by the hundred’s. They want Factories, Airports and other production cards that need a lot of workers.

Because of this Basic Home’s are a cheap Population builder for your city when you are still small and your Popularity factor does not have such a big influence on your Population.

As there is such a big competition at the top, in order to move yourself into the top 200, you will likely have to invest big time. In fact if you watch the ranking, you will see players buy themselves into the top10 and you did not see them coming. But this will get harder and harder over time. I think in order to be number 1 you will have to invest several thousands of dollars already and this will keep going up very quickly.

So if you want to be big, then you’d better invest big. But I believe that you can be smart and optimise your SIM income. Due to the high income from SIM, even with taxes, you will likely have earned your investment back in 9-10 month’s. Which is crazy for an investment and unheard off for a game...!

If you look at the income of the dcities around you in the ranking you want to see that you have higher income relative to your population. This means that you will grow faster than them and by simply reinvesting your profits, you should be able to grow faster and overtake them.

Tomorrow, I hope to take a look at the dcity for my main account and see if I can optimise my SIM income.

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions about how to optimise your city. I would love to help you out.

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Well I'm too new at this point. Still proceeding with caution. Balancing my priorities plus learning more about the game 😉👍

That is totally fine. The game will be very profitable for you anyway. It is that for everyone.

Still it’s nice to try to grow faster than others and climb the ranks. So in going to try that.

For now I'm on top 300. But I do want to climb up the ranks too 😊😊