Investing in dCity part 4 - The use of technologies in dCity

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One of the great new features in the last update to dCity was the addition of Technologies. Technologies are a bit more complicated than the normal cards. You can’t just buy them as a random card. Although there are some technologies for sale on the market for very high prices.

Technologies need to be discovered and there are quite a few things that are needed for you to be able to discover a certain technology.

  1. You need to unlock the possibility of discovery in the technology tree, by going to the technology tab at the top of the screen. There are 4 branches of each 5 technology tiers and you can buy the rank 1 technologies, at which point you can buy the rank 2 and so on. You can unlock all of them if you want, but you need quite a bit of SIM to do it. The rank 1 technologies are quite cheap at 30 SIM, but the rank 5 are 1000 SIM. Unlocking them all is 6960 SIM in total.
  2. But this is only the start. To be able to discover the technologies you also need a Research Center card. You can get one on the market now for 9,5 Swap.Hive (I bought mine for 11,5 Swap.Hive) or 1945 SIM.
  3. Then, you need to boost your education. My 17 Education gives me a chance of 0,425% to discover a technology, so that is not a whole lot. I will need to be extremely lucky to get a technology any time soon. The maximum you can get is 25% discovery chance, but you will need a lot of Eduction for that.

So, are the technologies any good?

Yes, they are. But not so much for a small account. When looking at the cost of setting up your city to discover technologies and the benefit they bring it is quite clear that big cities will benefit most. For instance the GMO farming technology will increase production of farms by 3. Which is nice when you have 3 farms like me. But when you have 250 farms, it becomes a lot more powerful.

The crime rate reduction branch is very nice, but as long as you don’t have bank’s or shopping malls that can get robbed, it doesn’t make much sense to invest in crime rate reduction. You could have invested in more SIM income with the same cost and made your city more profitable.

As a small account it is completely ok to ignore technologies. Unless you would want to sell them, rather than use them yourselves perhaps. Although I expect prices to come down soon. Especially for the Rank1 Technologies. I presume that the bigger city accounts will have been able to upgrade these by now, so they will be able to start selling them on the market by big numbers soon.

This can also mean that you can skip the whole technologie Discovery thing and just buy technologies of the market. It is up to you.

In the end you should remember that this is a numbers game and it is all about balancing your income and population. Technologies offer some interesting ways to influence that balance. So you should definitely take a look at the technologies tab.

Thanks for reading and good luck building your city!

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Excellent write-up @invest4free 😁👏


Very nice! I'm still in the early stages, so baby steps... I hope to get there in the near future. Happy weekend! :)

You’ll get there soon enough! It’s always good to know the options in advance.

It definitely is. It's like learning about trading & the stock market 😂🤣

It is really an investor’s game indeed

I would love to reach the level wherein I would earn Hive from it daily :) happy weekend!

Yes me too, my account for @elbrava is already in nr 249 position. So I think I’ll start #myhivegoals for my main account soon. The most important goal there will be a top 200 position in dcity.

Wow! Baby steps.. I'll get the hang of the game and perhaps move up the chain too LOL. Happy week ahead!

Yeah, just take it easy and enjoy the game. Buying cards is like a lottery, but you always get some value.

Happy week for you too!