Investing in dCity part 5 - The profitability of production cards

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There are many cards in dCity that produce SIM, but which ones are the best? Actually this depends on the size of your city. This is because of the Popularity statistic and its influence on Population. I’ll explain this game mechanic before I get into profitability of production cards.

Popularity increases Population by a percentage. Let’s say your Popularity increases Population by 10%. If you increase that to 20% and you have a city with 100 base Population, then you grow your actual Population from 110 to 120. That is significant, but only half of what you get from an Appartment.

However if your base population is 10.000, then all of a sudden you grow from 110.000 to 120.000 and you will need to find a job for 10.000 extra people in your city. That requires an extraordinary amount of production cards and I believe this is why there are no Population cards in the version 2 cards. This is to help the mega-cities with their Population problem that comes from Popularity.

But for small cities, due to this game mechanic, Population is actually the bottle-neck for growth until the Popularity factor starts to really gain traction. So how can you grow your small city effectively?

When you look at the numbers at first the Casino seems like the most profitable building in the game. It gives you 25 SIM income for only 10 Workers. That is 2,5 SIM for every worker. But it has a drawback. It increases the crime rate for your city and it can get robbed for up to 400 SIM. That is 8 days worth of profit! I would suggest to only keep it, if you have at least reduced crime a bit with a Police Station and Gym. It is even better if you have reduced it further with the crime reduction technologies.

The second best production card in terms of worker/income ratio is an often neglected card. The Forest. It gives 4 income for only two workers. That is a ratio of 2. If you can pick this up for less than 4 Hive, I would definitely advise it. Ofcourse, some other cards will give much greater profit, but sometimes you will need 4-5 Population cards to make them work. Is that really profitable?

The Wind Turbine at first gives you an income/worker ratio of 1,5 but when you get the technology for 2 extra income, this will become 2,5! That is nothing to be sniffed at.

Then there are a few Production cards that have the same ratio, 1,5. These are the Bank, this can get robbed, but it brings in 30 SIM every day. And also the Ad Agency which also has the benefit of Creativity.

The Solar Plant at first has a ratio of 1, but with the same technology that the Wind Turbine uses it will get a ratio of 1,4. The Nuclear plant has -15 Popularity, so this will influence your Population bonus from Popularity, but it has a ratio of 1,33.

If you look at the market, you will see that almost all cards are being sold for more than 4 Hive/800 SIM, which is the price for a random card. So I would suggest to go for that most of the time, unless you really need 2 Population to optimise Production in your city or so. But then don’t be afraid to sell a Production Card that needs a lot of Workers. You might be able to buy 2-3 cards back that are more profitable for you.

I hope I have helped you to think more strategically about your purchases and optimising your city when it is still small. If you like it, then follow me for more content. I will be talking much more about tactics and strategies in future blog posts. My experience comes from my main account @elbrava, but on this account I will also start a city with the least amount of investment and share my experiences about growing it. But first I will have to earn some more Hive to be able to do that.

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Thanks for another interesting tutorial... It's interesting to earn money by playing a game... :)

Oh it absolutely is! And I still can’t believe how profitable this game is.

I really appreciate your dCity series. I'm a newbie to the game and have been trying to learn as much as I can in order to grow my passive income. 😉👍 thank you and keep up the great work!

Oh it’s an awesome way to grow your income. I can’t believe the profits this game generates. It’s an investor’s dream 😊