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I had been thinking about starting a dcity for this account for a few days. Pondering how to start it as cheap as possible, since I want to keep my main focus on #myhivegoals. See the post from yesterday.

But last weekend I won 10 Hive in a contest and I decided that I would spend a maximum of 5 Hive on buying cards for dcity and make sure that it would generate a profit and have a positive, or at least not negative popularity.

After a bit of research I found out which cards were the cheapest and wether they were the cheapest when paying for them in Swap.Hive or Sim tokens. And it worked. I bought the following cards:

  • 1 public restroom (2 income,-1 popularity, 2 workers) for 1,0656 Hive
  • 1 park (2 population, 5 popularity, 1 worker) for 1,3 Hive
  • 1 Homeless (1 population, -1 popularity) for 0,4264 Hive

So for the grand Total of 2,792 Hive I created a dcity that makes a profit of 2 SIM per day.

Since I had a bit more Hive left, I decided to buy 1 more Public restroom and two more Homeless cards, so now the base stats of my city before taxes are: 4 SIM income per day, 5 Population, 0 Popularity. This combination of cards is really cheap and due to the fact that Park’s give a really nice Popularity boost for their really low price, it allows you to use these negative Population and Production cards.

Also thinking about this “city” that consists of a park with two public restrooms that are being used by 3 Homeless guys is quite a funny thought.

Next order of business is saving for another Park, so that I can then buy more Public restrooms and hopefully I will get some free Immigrants or Homeless cards. I am really curieus how quickly I will be able to grow this city.

Due to taxes the income is now 3 SIM, so the next park which hopefully will be a similar price or better, will still take a long time. 1,3 Hive is 260 SIM, which is about 87 days at the current tax level.

Tomorrow I hope to continue working on the Strategy for my main account @elbrava. There I want to get into the top200 and I have realized that I should focus more on my income.

See you there!

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What an interesting strategy 🤣😂 I'm all ears though.. I do want my dCity to earn daily 😁😁

Yeah, I think I’ll call it the toilet paper strategy

I have a question. My city right now has a 1% unemployment. If I were to get rid of unemployment totally, what should I do? Like which card or so to invest in? Thanks in advance for the reply...

Well, I’ve looked at your city and I see you’ve been following my blog 😀

I see forests and public restroom’s etc. Very nice.

I see that you have a lot of artists and workers and even a gambler. So you’ve been busy with the beer fest correct?

I personally would try to sell the gambler for a good price. If you have a casino, then gamblers add extra income. But since you don’t have one, I think you can sell him on the market. Just check what other people are asking for scientists and gamblers.

When you put a card on the market it is no longer in your city, so it immediately reduces your population.

Also your popularity is nicely high, so you could afford another public restroom or wind turbine and increase your profits a bit more.

You can always buy another version 2 card too ofcourse and hope that you are lucky.

Very cool I will look into it asap 😉👍

I am new to Dcity, so I am curious on why u purchase homeless?
I thought they ware a drain on the city
The park sounds like an idea I will explore

The homeless are the cheapest workers. They do drain your popularity, but combined with a park that boosts that popularity you can make it work.

Oh and parks are really cheap, they require 1 additional worker, but they do give 5 popularity. That is decent for such a cheap card.

Great strategy, this helped me, thanks!!

Cool, thanks. Have fun with the game and do let me know if you have any further questions.