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As many of you will know, dcity was created by @gerber because he wanted to do something with non-fungible-tokens (NFT’s). Every card in dcity has its own number and is registered on the blockchain, so even when a card has been traded a hundred times all previous owners are known. There are probably more than 10.000 Basic Home cards, but they all have their individual number. Which is pretty cool.

Dcity is quite a simple game, especially when looking at graphics. It is quite clear that Gerber has focussed a lot on the numbers side of things, to make sure that the game economy is balanced and rewarding for the players.

The interface that he has built is nice and will have cost him quite a bit of time to build, but it isn’t very beautiful or pretty. I don’t think people spend hours looking at the details of their city, because there aren’t many details to look at.

However, since the game is decentralized and works with NFT’s other people can build stuff that reads the information from the blockchain and reorganise that information for you in a way that helps you to manage your dcity.

Take for instance the new Monster Market for dcity. Gerber has even incorporated a link to it in the dcity interface. No matter what tab you are looking at in the interface of dcity, you will see the link to the Monster Market in the bottom of your screen.

Another example is the Cityhelper discord bot that is particularly helpful if you want to trade big numbers of cards. With one command you can move 250 Basic Home’s to the market and then with the next buy 10 Casino’s, or check the average price for a Factory in the past 30 days.

@rafalski is beta testing his Dcity stats page that shows how much any player invested in dcity and how much they have earned so far. I am sure that he will build this out further, so you will be able to see interesting stats that will help you with your investment decisions for dcity.

@aromadiphoto has created a news report that shows which players discovered which technologies. I do imagine the top10 players keeping an eye out for each others technology advances through this service.

I believe this is only the start. Many more will come and start building stuff for dcity, making the game more easy to manage, more fun and possibly more beautiful. Gerber shows that he is very open to this by putting the Monster Market in the bottom of your screen.

This is very good, because Gerber is only one man, although a very smart one. But when other people can help build this game in a decentralized way, then this strengthens dcity. This means that I am very bullish for dcity.

Thank you for reading and if you like to know more about dcity, then do follow this account.

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Thank you for mentioning my newspaper 😊 yeah the dcity game is great so far, I hope will continue to grow

You’re welcome. I like reading your newsletter.

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