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As dcity grows some interesting strategies emerge. In the end we all play this game for profit, so most of us are looking to maximize our returns.

More and more I notice some specialized dcities. DCities that clearly aim for a high spot in the rankings, dcities that focus on training homeless and immigrants, cities that focus on education for technology discovery and small dcities that limit the losses from robbery through crime. So how do these work exactly?

When looking at the rankings you will see a number of dcities that have 0 sim income, a negative popularity, but because of their high population these dcities earn daily hive rewards.

You could get a dcity like this by investing a lot up front, ignore all production cards and simply only buy basic homes, immigrants and homeless from the market.

Most likely a player like this also has a dcity that does generate a reward.

For instance a dcity with just a few casinos and enough population to make them work. The result is a dcity with low crime and so the casino’s don’t get robbed so often. The sim income is then transferred regularly to the main/ranking dcity.

Another specialized city is the city that is focused on training homeless and immigrants. You need quite a few job centers for that. Combine it with some weed farms and brewery’s and you could add some events to the mix and generate a nice amount of worker cards that you can trade on the market.

A strategy that could be more beneficial is a dcity that maximizes on education for technology discovery. Technologies are not easy to get and the top 300 dcities are too busy keeping their position in the rankings to be able to focus on education.

This means you can get good money for technologies. I see technologies being sold for 50-100 hive depending on the technology tier. Possibly even more for the higher tiers that are not really available on the market yet. So as you can understand, quite a lot of hive can be made using this strategy.

Do you know of any other specialized dcity strategies? Is love to hear about them and investigate the opportunities they give.

Thank you for reading and do follow me if you would like more blogs about dcity strategies.

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I used majority of my steem powerdown, and bought Sim to prep up my city on dcity. As an earning game, it is exciting.

Ah nice, it is a great investment and very exciting indeed.

I went for the second City option, as the second city holds all the crime risk buildings and with a low population less risk of crime.
My first City in the top 200 and second city in the top 300, I transfer from the first city to make up the population for the second.

Oh that sounds good! Top 200 and top 300 pretty impressive.

Good info here. I wonder what my focus would be for my dCity? Hmm you made me think LOL! :)

Well, I don’t think it’s bad to do a bit of everything, but specialization is nice and for casino’s in particular I would advice to start an alt-account, since new hive accounts are free anyway. You might have to delegate a little hive to allow transactions, but other than that you can get this 25 sim income work almost no crime if you do it well.

Sim income is still the main source for your return on investment, there are just a few ways to maximize share holder value 🤣

I look forward to more of your series. Right now I try and check my dCity daily & watch out for imbalances. I try to minimize unemployment. I sure hope we'll have less taxes soon!!!

That is the most important thing indeed. In a few days we’ll see what taxes we get.