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RE: I created a DCity!

in #dcity4 months ago

Good to hear that you like it.

I have not made a post about that. A pretty good idea to make one.

It is not too complicated though. You need to have two hive accounts if you want to have two dcities.

Then from the dashboard within you can go to the card that you want to send click the send button and then you send it to the other hive user.

Pretty much like you send normal hive-engine tokens to another account, if you’re familiar with that.


Awesome. Thanks for explaining!

Now just going to have to convince my 5 years old daughter she needs to have a dcity as well 😂

Haha lol, why don’t you just get a second one yourself?

I prefer not to have more than 1 account.

Also, I think it would be fun for her to become an investor at such a young age.
And she'll enjoy having another father-daughter activity.

Now that is quite a good idea really. We all sold start investing at a young age and then let it compound year after year.

Jong geleerd, oud gedaan 😉

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Absoluut 😜