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RE: dCity Investments - are the in-game events worth it?

in #dcity3 months ago

You don't play Splinterlands - one of the most popular games?
I thought I'm the only one who does not play Splinterlands. lol...

It's luck what you get out of an event. You cannot say for sure what you actually get from an event. It's like buying random cards. You do not know the outcomes. The way you explain everything and give your suggestion, I like that.

By the way, did you hear about Rabona? It is a football manager game. It's now on beta testing. You can learn about this from here.


Oh I’d love to play it, but it would cost too much of my time. I can get quite addicted to these kinds of games.

On the flip side, you do not have to give that much time to dCity. You set strategy, buy and sell to optimize your city. I like that. Some people might find that boring because they cannot play like other games.

Indeed, I like that a lot about dcity.

With splinterlands I hear you can sink many hours a day into it.