Simple tutorial on how to buy things in the new dcity.

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Hello everyone i hope you are having a good day. Like most people i was having trouble figuring out the new dcity layout but now it's a little bit easier. First we start by going to the market and searching for what you want to buy.


You then want to click the tiny arrow at the end. Next you want to type in how many cards you want for example lets say i want 1 card.


Next thing you want to do is click buy to cart. I currently don't have enough sim to click it right now but I'll show you what to do next. After you click it there is a small box at the top of your screen which will show how many items are in your cart.


It's right in the corner above alerts. After that it should show what you want in the buy section. Check to make sure it is all there. Then go to the right side and click accept in the total price area.


Wait about 15 seconds for the transaction to complete and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and when i figure out other things I'll let you all know. Trust me i was confused with the new layout but once you figure it out it's easy.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Yours truly, teenagecrypto


I have never played the DCity game, but do have a few tokens. Guess I will check it out some day. So many options when it comes to HIVE games!

Do you play any other games?

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yeesir i appreciate you stopping by