Has Blogging Changed Too Drastically in 2020?

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Are you a blogger and wondering why you find it hard to get traffic?

Things change and it gets harder with changing time. People spend more time watching videos and listening to the podcast. It does not mean people do not read. People love to read.

Now people pay attention to different things. So to get traffic on your blog, you have to stand out. Only writing on your blog whatever you like will help you more. You have to keep in mind the search intent.

Visitors search on Google to find information or something that they want to know. You have to do research about it. Here comes the keyword research.

Your website or blog should be optimized. Make sure that there is no technical issue. If Google does not crawl and index your page, that will not show up on Google. You can take a look at Google Search Console and solve the problem.

You have to do SEO on your website. You need to create a brand, Google pays more attention to that than before. You know about E-A-T, right?


Let's watch this video. Hope you will find it useful. Please let me know if you find it useful. Thank you so much for reading this.

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