Tombstone scene

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This sketch is inspired by the tombstone movie

first I set up the approximate location of each element. I start out in blue.

step one.png

Now I start laying out the action lines and define the important blocks

step two.png

Next I begin to define the picture more

ste three.png

Next I continue to expand the definitions of the drawing

step 4.png

Now i start to work on outlines and details

step 5.png

finally I darken in the shadows and lineweights

step 6.png

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Awesome, step by step Howard!! Well done!!

Thank you

@tipu curate

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Wow you make sketching or drawing look easy. Very good drawing of tombstone character. By the way loved that movie.

Thank you drawing is way to keep me busy during this period of time :)

That .is good that you can turn to drawing, keep it up. During this time I have turned to making home made cards to give to people. Sent out 28 Mother's Day Cards, made me feel good to brighten someone's day. Stick with your drawing.