The Sunday Night Sports Nerd Show - We Got The Rants!

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So there was this game on Thursday night...Which ended...Like nothing we've ever seen before....

We discussed that...And ranted a bit about it too!


Plus the Bills won, so I was happy......Zero baseball talk, which made me even happier!

It was a ton of fun and LOTS of rants....We hope you enjoy the show!

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Glad your team had a good week. I woke up this morning to the football app on my phone asking me if I wanted to watch a recap of the Falcons-Panthers game. Uh, that's a "no" for me. It was bad enough watching it live, and I doubt it would be less painful a day later. Licking my wounds. We Panther fans are loyal and longsuffering.

Yeah I needed Kyle Allen to do good yesterday too....Fantasy football and all...And welp...Panthers lol

This is different to watching a video version. Totally agree it was entertaining especially for someone like me who has basically no idea about what was discussed as this is sport from the other side of the planet I may as well have been a Martian tuning in.

It's armchair sports commentary....At it's finest!