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You want discover an simple DeFi dapp on the crypto sphere. This DAPP let you to make the most interest possible with your stablecoins or Bitcoin wrapped on Ethereum.

Website: https://iearn.finance/●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬...
Chesatochi crypto resources page: https://chesatochi.com/resources/

Chesatochi.com - For the love of crypto and coffee
PS: I am not a financial adviser, and you need to do your own research.

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I still need more time before joining the DeFi space, still don't trust the safety of the Smart Contracts, if one thing fails the house of cards will start to go down, and we all know how easy it is for things to fail nowadays... Steem for example, got so many code reviews and still ended up with a bug that took the whole chain down for 2 days...

At least you trust Celcius network and make money every Monday from the DeFi space. ;)

I do, mainly because I know that someone is behind it making sure everything is done right and can't be exploited, Celsius is amazing! Maybe in a couple more years I'll trust smart contracts enough to start using them, but so far I don't... most have backdoors meant to freeze the assets and or to stop the smart contract

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Hi Dear Friend @chesatochi.

Hey! This front interface is the simplest and most radical thing I've seen on the web ... LOL

But once you access the thing it becomes serious.
DAI appears as the first investment option. This stable coin has been maintained over time and enjoys great preference among holders.

This project looks very interesting.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

All best, Piotr.