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What up my Peeps, welcome to the Daily @D00k13 for 12/11/2019 - 12/17/2019✌

Feeling a little bagged this last week after having my dental work done and recovery from the infection along with sedated with medications, I have allowed myself to take it easy. Still doing stuff as I always do just trying not to rack my brain while not in a state of thinking clearly from the heavy pain killers they gave me.

This week I had my dental implant consultation, became a fully verified creator on brave and setup @OneLoveDTube Twitter to receive tips, ordered my first #OneLoveDTube swag, installed updated version of Steemify by BlockBrothers, and of course all the adulting and time taken to relax!

Didn't knock much off the list so if your looking for further details yea gotta watch the video 😁


  • look into amazon partner
  • setup steempress on
  • install steem auto account claim script for onelovedtube
  • lamp install
  • brave verify steempress page
  • & & setup for brave tips
  • printer ink for physical key backups
  • install ipfs up on 2tb
  • install onelovedtube ipfs discord bot
  • install ipfs sync script
  • rework steem signature
  • templates
  • do the 420freewrite readings
  • vote script for
  • notifications script for









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