Intro to DAPP-CAPS: Physical-Crypto-Game & Customizable Marketing Tool - Video Explanation

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As promised in my previous post where I explain the limitless marketing utility of Dapp-Caps, here is my video explanation of the project.

In the following video, I not only show off the exact Dapp-Caps official Etherium Classic blockchain prototypes I will be giving away in my next Dapp-Caps related post, but also go over the ins and outs of how the game works, and explain why certain Steem-token communities would benefit from this project immediately.

There are already a few Steem communities interested in creating custom Dapp-Caps to promote their tokens, Steem front-ends, and projects, with many more to come. The initial release of Steem caps will be extremely limited edition, and may also be limited to only two 6-cap packs per account.


Click pic or link below to play video
(& don't miss my bloopers at the end :-))

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You can also click here to view @Alchemage's Dapp-Caps Video

Click here for @ELAmental's marketing utility Dapp-Caps Description


Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

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Will be interesti g to see how the product develops and how they are utilized. What is the cost of the steem Dapp-Capps you will be creating? Will there be a digital game to go with the physical game?
In terms of Steem Monsters they could do exclusive cards that are only available through the Capps along with DEC rewards also. Plus have exclusive art or varients on the caps themselves. Cool idea and thanks for sharing!

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I love the idea of having exclusive steem monster cards available only through the caps. That is an idea I will bring up in our next meeting. I think the price will depend on how many you want to have made, and what options you want, but they will be affordable. We should have prices for our Official Steem Dapp-Caps line, as well as custom prices and options in the very near future.

Haha I love the Wordpress subtitle you threw in there ;)

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Sometimes I forget to mention something in the video that I remember during editing.

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It's wonderful to get a musician here at Steem, and even better if he's a cryptomonedas enthusiast, congratulations, excellent post.

Thank you, and there used to be a lot more musicians around here... they must all be off touring haha.

I resteemed lol so are these like pogs?

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