Rose City Comic Con 2019 Walkthrough, Convo with R2D2, MIB Galaxy, Interview with New Concept Comics, & Ridiculous Elemental Airbender Art

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I have been going through the hardest time of my life this summer, and I was at a point where I really needed a distraction. At Rose City Comic Con, there was no better place to distract myself then at a convention FULL of distractions - and awesome ones at that.


We did not have enough money to buy passes, so I flew this sign outside the convention, and this very nice couple dressed in cosplay gifted us their passes on their way out of the show within 10 mins of our arrival.



I will not bore you with a bunch of obscure details (and there are many), but instead will let the photos and multiple short video clips speak for themselves. The videos include the 2 ridiculous souvenirs I picked up for myself (Avatar Airbender lenticular art & a MIB galaxy from Orion's Belt), a walk-through of a section of the convention, an interview with combination comic concept artists, as well as a strait up conversation I had with R2D2 himself!


The only thing I missed that I really wanted to partake in was the Magic the Gathering demos. I likely missed a grip of cool (and valuable) promos and cards... next time.


My #1 Souvenir from RCCC 2019. This short clip does not do the art justice.
My new favorite piece.

I also found a galaxy on Orion's Belt

Dtube video walkthrough/R2D2 convo/comic interview is below photos




Yes, that is a Time-Turner

12 Prints I picked up for Ging... Whoever says I am not a good partner is full of sh*t

snap  20190916T123756.617.jpg

Rock Climbing



Please enjoy this video walk-through of Rose City Comic Con 2019 - Saturday - with all the extras...

From 9/14/2019

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Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

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that looked like a lot of fun, I would love to get to go to one some time. There was some awesome artwork there, loved how they done their own style with the different characters they chose to paint. xx

I only wished I could have filmed longer, there was so much to see and experience, and all the attendees also brought their own creative energy to the table with costumes and many other fantasies.

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Very cool distraction!!!!!

I think I'd feel overwhelmed with everything there. My daughter is getting right into Cosplay, so I may just have a genuine excuse to start going to the local ones here 😉

Hope everything is going OK for you... 😊🙏🏽☯️