5 Days Left to Order 2019 Steem Silver Rounds at Bottom Price Tier

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The title says it all. If you would like to pre-order rounds anytime in the next 5 days to take advantage of the original market price tier, this is your last chance. Visit: https://steemsilverround.com to place your order using either Steem, SBD, PAYPAL, BTC, ETH, or LTC.

For more details about ordering and the project, visit this post on @RayBrockman's blog.

For more info about my cannabis design edit proposal that ultimatley was not implemnted this year, visit my post about that here, which also includes other links with more details about the edit, along with the community's response to the idea.

What the final round will look like - @EDXserverus' 1st place design
final edx mirror metal image.jpg
Image Source

My cannabis edit proposal version - also courtesy of @EDXserverus

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I am not feeling well, which is also why I am not posting much in general a the moment. Please enjoy the video update.

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Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

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@elamental I wish you every success in that campaign you're announcing.

Cool stuff! It looks like this 2019 Round does have a good following. I think they will reach the 1,500 order mark.