Momma of All Trades - Momma Marketeer #1

in dtube •  10 months ago  (edited)

Hello everyone!

This is my first weekly report about Click Track Profit! Forgot to mention in the video that my start at CTP was at the end of August so some ranks are still a bit low as I dedicate myself more to watching the training and make posts through CTP Talk!

My vocabulary in English in normal circumstances is much better than in videos I promise! But even not showing myself on camera is still a bit uncomfortable!


Have an awesome week!

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Wow this was great to watch @elianaicgomes, I noticed it was your second video on Dtube, I must have missed the first one, well done showing off you CTP dashboard and other important features inside, keep on making videos, it's awesome.

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Thank you very much Erik! Filmed my first a few days ago! Wanted to do so many times but I'm shy and I get scared or embarrassed...I still do but if I start to make some videos little by little one day I'll get used to it and maybe will get easier! It's good for me to improve my confidence :)

Thanks @elianaicgomes, yeah I actually started with the now discontinued seven77 movement where we filmed ourselves making 7 pushups per day, and then post them to Twitter and Steem to boost awareness of it, those where the first videos I made and that started back in March, that in turn gave me the confidence to make videos on Dtube, we all start somewhere and you are off to a great start, keep it up and stay awesome.

Thanks for the dedication, Eliana! And I am feeling better... Trying to survive Monday without taking any medicine :)

Great review and cute at the end... :) You are still better than most of us who didn't do any video, so keep on going!

And Yaaaaaay... you've got DTUBE upvote!

Oh wow just noticed that! Thank you @dtube! and thank you Zoltan for the kind words :)

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Oh my thank you so much!

Thanks for sharing your Click Track Profit progress with us Eliana. and great job on your video I also saw your first one. I know doing a video for the first time can be scary even the first couple, I remember my first couple I did years ago. But them the more you do them the more comfortable you get. Then you start looking forward to doing them. keep up the great work

Thank you so much! That's the idea so far :)

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