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RE: What You think about "Success"? Clear your thoughts

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Thank you Hafiz for sharing your thoughts re success and happiness. For me, these two attributes are different.

Success is achieved through effort, a physical reward that is tangible; something we can see and perhaps hold, like money, a medal or trophy, or an honour such as community recognition leading to an award.

Happiness, however, is intangible, something we usually cannot see or hold. To achieve happiness, we stir our emotions to a state of ecstasy driven by hope.

Both success and happiness can come from the same source, albeit affecting our physical state and our emotional state in contrasting ways. Visualise an athlete crossing the line first and winning the gold medal race at the Olympic Games, the joy of winning clearly visible, the relief of having achieved a life-long goal. At the medal ceremony comes the true emotions, of tears and gratitude, the cheering crowd sharing that passion.

You are right in that success is an effort gained over time. We are all born into a world not of our choosing. We all struggle to make sense of our surroundings. The need to succeed becomes our driver, leading us to places we choose to go. For me, I let my passion for social networking take me to places like here at the Steem platform; I choose to be here. I let my passion to engage with fellow steemians deliver success in the form of money and recognition, and the fulfillment of being part of an awesome community here makes me very happy.

If I had to choose between success and happiness, I would choose the latter simply because that is my true nature. I love what I do, and I do what I love, especially here on Steem.


Thank you so much for sharing your great thoughts about success.