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RE: It's Crypto Mondays - Wait....Did Tron Just Acquire Steemit?

in #dtubelast year

Thanks guys, that was awesome. Blain trying to get his sound to work properly on a live show, magical! I love the unexpected I get from your shows, and Tron added a heap of spice to that mix. Reminds me of going to the circus when in town, when I was a child; everyone cheering when the ringleader shouts out: "and bring out the clowns!"

As for engagement, I agree with Jon; especially on the Steem platform, replies to comments are essential. As affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs, we know that we have to build trust. Engaging with others is really the only way to do that, which is why I still use chatrooms for personal branding. Only in chatrooms can you chat live and viz-a-viz with people, learn what they need, and help them out in a timely manner in a way that others can see and that brings them in too.

Thanks Jon for explaining the change in focus from click-click-click on traffic exchanges to now being build-your-list. I hadn't realised that was the case, so I was ignorantly continuing with the old way. Did I miss a CTP training module?