It's Crypto Mondays - A Life Changing Experience

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Do you remember.....Your first time?

I sure did....And I made 34 bucks from it too......

Before you think I'm going 'there' with that question.....You'll have to watch this week's Crypto Monday webinar recording to find out what I'm really talking about...

It might change your life like it did for me!

Remember: All comments get SBI units ;)

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -

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I did got a few dollars here and there even on Clixsense and Neobux but if I recall the biggest payout I had in the past was in fact on CTP and it's still the same earning on my account stats today! $33.58 from a random referral that bought an annual upgrade! Invested them in monthly upgrades! Hope I can get another of those soon lol Thank you for your sharing :)

Ha ha ha Niiiice!

Glad we could be part of that journey....I'm sending you some bonus SBI for unlocking that Certification today as well :)

Great show @jongolson, and the news about the listing on Steemleo DEX, plus the soon arrival of the CTP token IPN/API is really great, and you have a lot of motivation and great tips to share, it's awesome.

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Very much appreciated :)

Thanks @jongolson, and keep up your awesome work.

Great show last night Jon and thanks for sharing with everyone the story of your first commission payment

for sure man, thanks for coming out and taking part

Awesome show! Sharing personal stories is an easy task for everyone... NO excuses!
If I insist on complaining at the timetable of your live streams, is there a chance to move them earlier? :)

lol the trouble with that, is it's 6pm for me when I do them....Prime time on the east coast. No real perfect time and i wanted to keep everything I do at the same time....8pm eastern for every show I do...And any earlier, might not be able to get Blain on the shows cause he's at work. :(

and the morning shows? :)
hahahahaha.. I won't stop... :) It's just that I think that there are more people from Europe that would attend, but, maybe I'm wrong...

lol if i wake up before 10am it’s a miracle lol

I too remember my first affiliate check Jon, all $1.17 of it! Yep, that sure was exciting. I was living in Australia, and the check was drawn on a bank in the USA. Would cost me AUD $25 to get reconciled. I'm sure I've still got that check somewhere, buried under a pile of history. Maybe one day I'll have an exorcism type moment, and burn all the old stuff. A celebration of a rebirth perhaps, newly token'd and all steem'd up.

Laminate it!!!!! lol Seriously, it would be a great story to share.

Thanks for a great show Jon, and really exciting news in CTPtalk, with the listing on the Steemleo DEX and the very soon launch of the CTP token IPN and API, really great stuff.

And as to that first commission, it was from Clixsense and $10 paid to Paypal, I completed surveys and watched ads, but during this whole time I never got more than 1 referral that stayed active of over 50 in total, so I kept completing surveys a bit as a hobby, and only stopped with that when I got some traction in Steem and didn't really have the time anymore, Steem is much more fun.

I have tried a lot of other things though, and aslo had some commissions here and there but nothing that kept on paying me, so that's probably why I gave up on most of them, plus the fact that I never got traction with listbuilding, the most I ever had and still do have is a list I made in AIOP, that got about 120 subscribers, and I got 1 of them to sign up to AIOP, and he quit after 2 month's, so not a great track record there.

But the constant money I make on Steem is a great motivator, plus all the engagement I get on my posts and videos, the wordpress blog I had before had like 3 comments in total, and now I usually have more than that on every post I make, so this is great.

Thanks again for the great show, and stay awesome.

Lots of people got their start at clixsense huh....Interesting indeed! Thanks for the comments.


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Thank you very much!

Great show as always Jon, the talk about your 34.99 was interesting I will not say more on that topic so folks can watch the video and see what you are talking about. Have a great week and I am off to do some more curating.

thanks man. glad you enjoyed it.