The CTP Book Review - Direct Selling Success by Randy Gage

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Why on earth am I reviewing a book on MLM? Errr....Network Marketing? Umm....Direct sales?

No matter what you may call this often misunderstood industry, this book is something every entrepreneur should pick up...

It's part industry history, part personal development and a whole lot of leadership training mixed in!

While I've never dove deep into this business, I am fascinated by it and believe it's got massive potential for the people that treat it like a real business.

The review should explain the rest :)

I hope you enjoy the book review and please let me know what you think of this industry....Your experience and comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Sounds like a great book Jon, I have heard about that guy before actually, and that part about duplication is just so important in any affiliate marketing business, that's why I have put a bit of emphasis on ebooks being rebrandable.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks man, yeah it was a fun book....Looks of cool take aways for sure.


Hi. Seeing the title of the book you have brought me memories about the old direct sales and how it has evolved with this new century to become something very technified.

A lot of time has passed since I was a boy and I took some work at a book subscription marketing company, it was about getting in touch with potential customers "face to face" and getting the signature for membership and the subsequent purchase of the books of your liking every certain amount of time.

I think that if at that time I had the teaching of books like this at hand I would have saved several mistakes or at least I would have understood faster what things were failing.

Today, with a marketing on social networks, current lightly and without having any clear idea of what is being done is a waste of effort.

Yeah it's amazing huh....No matter how far we go, face to face still holds the title of best way to do any kind of sales or relationship building!

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That looks like an interesting book! And again, thanks SO much for adding to my already extensive book bucket list! 🤣 he he
And the new CTP intro with your acting abilities were priceless!!! Keep on crushing it, my friend!

LOL Right? Fooled EVERYONE with that Oscar award winning acting!