It's Crypto Mondays - Top Sites at CTP, Fire-Pay & A Whole Lot Of Juicy News

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What a week it's been...

  • We had our first ever 'switch over' on the Top Sites. Members voted to showcase the top sites within the community!

  • Fire Pay now has over 60 websites using the IPI

  • New CTP layout is in development

  • ListNerds continues to CRUSH IT in it's re-launch!

And so much more....

What a week :)

We hope you enjoy the show....

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Hey Jon, is there or will there be a list of sites which integrated Fire-Pay (and CTP token) available? 67 sites... that's major already! A list would help those who might be willing to spend if CTP token is integrated.

yeah it's on our ever growing to do list LOL

I'll see if we can bang something out quickly this week.

Great show as always!

And it's awesome that Fire-Pay is already on over 60 websites! That's a huge news

Hopefully it's just the beginning too....If it catches on, we could see big growth here in the next few months.

Thanks for a great show Jon and Blain, and really great development with FirePay and all the sites added, and with everything being added to CTP, and great advice about content creation, just start creating and don't stop, simple, stay awesome.

Thanks man, yeah we're hustling hard....Got a bunch of things planned very shortly too that will make a lot of heads turn :)

Thanks Jon, and that sounds interesting, stay awesome.

Good info!! GO FIRE!!

Fire ballers UNITE!

  ·  19 days ago Reveal Comment

Konten apa saja yang di dukung pada situs web #ctp pak. Soal nya saya mendapatkan downvote kemari sama akun. @noctp4u

Posted via Steemleo

Affiliate marketing, and online businesses / entrepreneurship.

Saya posting tentang bisnis online, tetapi saya mendapatkan downvote dari @noctp4u saya benar-benar tidak suka melihat itu terjadi pada saya.. Pak

Posted via Steemleo

this is hardly online business....And it looks like some copied content because it's in english and well...You arent even replying to me in English.

Please only use the CTP tag for affiliate marketing business, or entrepreneurship.

Oke pak, saya minta maaf karena saya tidak sopan, telah berbicara dalam bahasa Indonesia kepada bapak, jujur saya tidak bisa berbahasa inggris, karena saya asal dari aceh Indonesia, jika saya ingin bahas dalam bahasa inggris saya cuma bisa mengunakan terjemahan bahasa,,

Baik lah kedepan saya akan memberikan konten yang Bagus untuk #ctp terimakasih bapak.. Telah menjawab pertanyaan saya...

No worries, I use Google Translate so I can understand.

We're just trying to make sure CTP content has it's specific niche here on STEEM. Lots of other tribes for the kind of content you seem to enjoy. But anything related to online business and affiliate marketing we will reward people.

That being said, the 'NoCTP4U' account has 50 steem power, we dont take your steem rewards, only protecting the CTP tribe