It's Crypto Monday - Use Cases In Crypto!

in dtube •  8 months ago  (edited)

Another fantastic webinar tonight!

And we talked about...

Get ready for it....!

Actual USE CASE for crypto currency!

Fascinating concept...Crazy in fact. But at the end of the day....It's what really matters if we want this stuff to get more adopted.

Let's have some fun!

The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -

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Another great show and other thanks for the recordings here and on FB :)

Also, thanks for the mention in the show... Trying to help as much as I can... I'm sorry that I can't assist on webinars, but it's in a really bad local time excuse... :)

Ha ha ha ha All good man! Appreciate everything you do regardless!

Thanks for a great show @jongolson, and use case is such important, if it's easy to use, fast and stable it will be used, and the use case on Steem is even more with all it's dApps like Appics, it's like Instagram but you get paid.

BAT also has really great use case with it's tipping functionality, and love the way @blainjones played a practical joke on you, and I look forward to the IPN for CTP.

Libra will go forward no matter what govenrments say, and it will be big, what I don't like about Facebook is that they delete all affiliate links, including in Messenger where you are supposed to have a private conversation.

My personal account is who kicked Blain out of the Top 10 in CTP, let's see how this goes, so if I understand correctly promotions goes to an account where they can't be taken out, keyes thrown away basically.

I wrote that book down and will see if I can get a copy, looks like really great advice in there.

Again thanks for a great show, it's awesome.

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Appreciate it man, thanks for the comments....And of course, agree with all your input as well!

Thank you very much @jongolson, and keep up your awesome work.

Nice post sir, but am not able to log in to dex.steemleo.
Price of ctp is same in both the exchanges?? Should i compare or can directly buy from steem engine??

I think Leo pulls the price from Steem Engine but I could be wrong. Thanks for the question, I'll ask around.

Thank for the info, i ll try to find out the same. Please suggest if somewhere i can buy directly by exchanging fiat currency.

Am from India, want to invest more, but i left with no option.

It's always fun been a crow on the fence at your live broadcasts. Must be a bad habit I have after reminiscing a post in Telegram I had to think struth I have been watching this bloke that long. Keep it up Jon

LOL Thanks man, appreciate you!

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Appreciate that very much!

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