The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Keep Creating!

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We bumped up the level last week to 10k CTP Tokens on our little journey...And you guys seemed to be in support of it.

I know that can seem like a massive hill to climb when you first get started...But keep on keeping on!

Keep creating!
Keep curating!
Keep commenting!

And keep showing up each and everyday...Anyone can reach this new target :)

Huge shout out to our featured member of the week - @JeronimoRubio

I had the please of getting to know him over the past year on Steem and he recently jumped in to the CTP Tribe. I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing value he can give us all :)

Be sure to give him a follow and a warm CTP welcome!

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Congratulations to @jeronimorubio! He is a great guy &, aside from yourself, was one of the first Dtubers that inspired me to do posts & videos on the #Steem blockchain. A well deserved spotlight! And once again, I must have been lost in the Pixie Palace somewhere because I missed commenting on @cruisin's cool gear. That is a great care package to receive!

As far as the SBI issue, I am fine either way. Tbh, at this point, I am more focused on accumulating CTP tokens & using the fiery Firepay. I think SBI is a great asset to the blockchain, but you & others getting downvoted constantly for issuing it is not right. I actually like @flaxz's comment about a CBI. That would rock. But in the meantime, imho, try using the tokens perhaps & see how that goes. Then go from there.

Regardless, it won't stop me from curating & posting. Thank you so much for the shoutout & we all have an amazing community here. So, we will stand strong together no matter what happens! 🧚‍♀️

Appreciate that Jenn. Yeah, the whole point of all this 'union' stuff is to merge the CTP community with Steem. And CTP Tribe does that very well...That's the focus for sure :)

Congrats, @JeronimoRubio

SBI, I have collected SBI for some time, I have even gifted some in the past. I agree if you stop mm..kk.. will have partially won, but he cannot stop the good that is being done by all the SBI units already gifted and working for everyone who has some and posts content.

If you were to change to a CBI or CTP system, you would be more directly helping the CTP community. As I do not quite fit the CTP (small business/affiliate market) group with my posts I only collect on my staked and mined CTP for curation, which I am happy with or I would have sold it all off long ago. Maybe someday I will use CTP for firepay, time will tell. I am mostly of a HODL mindset and trying to invest in things I feel have value longer term.

Always look forward to collecting more SBI,

PS. I think you missed me last week ;(

Yeah i dont think I'm changing anything up, other than adding to what we're already doing. We'll see.

Nah, I got you. I didn't send any last week until last night....And then got downvoted today LOL

Thanks for a great video Jon, and great to see @jeronimorubio featured, he does really great videos and is a great inspiration for myself.

So I have an idea just thinking out loud, how about making a CBI, CTP Basic Income, take the focus to the CTP token instead and use the same formula as SBI.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Do you know the plankton model? The plkn token holders of at least 20 tokens get upvotes daily.

A similar thing could be done here. You could even incentivise the road to 10k ctp, by adding an upvotes trail to it that has certain brackets for upvotes level. So that the steps towards the 10k ctp are even more rewarding than they already are.

Thanks @elbrava, I have heard about them but never read the details, sounds interesting.

That was my thinking too...Creating some way to reward engagement and activity within CTP. I have ideas, but don't wanna make any crazy decisions yet. :)

Maybe JSI, Justin Sn Income. 😂

Jeronimo is really a great guy and he makes great, inspiring videos!

And regarding the SBI and downvoting... Does it look that he has forgotten to downvote the last 3 posts? Anyways... it is your call what to do...

People who are reading and commenting on your posts appreciate your work and will respect any of your decision... And, regarding "big boys (whales)"... it looks that they are interested only what's in their pockets... so, I didn't surprise with the silence...

Sad but true. And SBI does so much to help new Steemians feel welcomed and that their input and contribution is valued.

Welcome Jeronimo to THE best community ever!
As for the SBI soap, I've been under the radar from downvotes fortunately but then again I'm just receiving them!
I wish my vote could be enough to neutralize those nasty downvotes, but one day I will!
I think I love Steem and CTP Talk as well all of you guys so much that a few downvotes won't bring me down when they come!
So whatever the decision is made, I will support!
Though stopping to support SBI would be giving that mkkkstoopidkkk the win!
Hope that CTP Special Forces is enough to protect from that too :)
Thank you as always for the great show!
THE force of The Fireball will continue to get stronger!

Yeah it's rough. I feel like the blockchain as a whole, could care less, and that's very troubling to me.

As someone who works with community every day, I know how helpful SBI is to keep people here....But alas, they know best, that's why they get paid the big bucks lol

Yes keep at 10,000 for awhile I just got over 20,000 so I need a chance to get further ahead before you raise it again(grin) As for sbi I am a supporter of it, but ctp tokens would be good as well. As for the big whales ( or at least most of them) they just do not care about the small fry so they are not going to care about sbi.
So for me either would be good I just hate to see you getting down voted for helping others

Oh I'm ok with the dv's. I'm more worried about the blockchain as a whole, and the lack of support SBI seems to get.

It seems I have to adapt my target already ;-) I've just started to aim at 5000 CTP !

Ahhhh very nice!!! Congrats on the increases :)

Slow and steady wins the race ^_^

Indeed it does...Never stopping :)

Fine . i posted about on ctptalk with last couple days. with my ctp link and acheivesment. pic. but not showing up.

That's an issue with Steem Engine. It should be all good now.

thanks i think i may have reposted.

Sure . try update profile always get error and not working.

Make sure you are using the right account key. I think for changing profiles you will need the active key.

Thanks it seems already have one there. but i make sure

well ok. what