Crypto Mondays - Why Did We Choose Steem?

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We've been 'slacking' lately with focusing on crypto during our Monday night sessions so tonight....We dove deep ;)

Why on earth...Did we choose Steem?

To bring our members to? To develop our token on? To merge affiliate marketing with this blockchain?

It's not sexy, it's not a top 10 coin, it's thrown under the bus almost daily in the crypto world....

But still...It makes the most sense for us!

Find out why tonight in our webinar :)

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The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Thanks for a great show Jon and Blain, and the use case for Steem and the fact that you build from the ground up by creating content is very powerful, plus that we have scalable 3 seconds transactions is just mindblowing in comparison to any other blockchain out there, and it looks like we are moving out of the bear market slowly, more people are becoming active again and it's reflected in the price, and also more activity on CTPtalk as well, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Thanks man, yeah sometimes I forget the amazing tech of this stuff...And you are right, this blockchain is awesome for that!

Thanks Jon, yeah this blockchain is awesome.

Aloha Flaxz,

I agree with you. Jon and Blain are creating something amazing for us so that we don't have an excuse of why we are not making money online. We have STEEM that can help us to earn while we learn.

Thanks @karaleejohnson, yeah that is exactly the point, no excuses to not earn wile you learn.

Always good to watch the replays, thanks for all the work you guys do in explaining things in real world speak :)

For sure, thanks man. Appreciate the comments!

Great webinar as always! Thanks for the replays for us who like to sleep... :)
STEEM is the perfect solution for the CTP project... No doubts!

Ha ha ha ha Sleep you say? What is that?

This was a really great show @jongolson and @blainjones, and thanks for building your business on it, it really is the best blockchain to build on with low startup cost and the fact that it actually works for businesses, not a hype with some testnet, and not clogged up and slow like Bitcoin, but Steem works now without any fluff, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Yeah I mean I know there are great projects out there...But I love Steem because I can use it now. No 'concepts', real world use today

Thanks @jongolson, yeah that is the real selling point for Steem, real use case right now, stay awesome.

Aloha Jon,
Thank you for the webinar about STEEM. I learned a lot about it and why you chose to do it.
I am glad that you chose a simple blockchain that we can earn on just by liking, commenting and making posts. Like you said it won't make us millionaires overnight. It just takes time.

Yup, slow and steady for sure. It works..We just need to keep showing up and adding value!