Thursday Night Live - The Future of Social Media (Is On The Blockchain)

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We had a jam packed session tonight....

We discussed an amazing video that featured @MinorProphet (Joel Comm) as he discussed the future of social media and the blockchain! And of course, how this can all impact Steem!

Also, the importance of plugging into a community that will support you and engage with you...On day one!

So much to get to, let's dive in now....

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Awesome webinar, and thanks for recordings...

I would add just one thing to the whole webinar... If you don't start to create TODAY, you will be one step behind tomorrow!

That's a great point man....Always need a reminder to start now!

Loving the show, thanks heaps for your enthusiasm and persistence,
I used to Love TE Live
I remember when I first started live Cuppa Time, there were about 3 people and the numbers increased exponentially

That's the trick right....Don't worry so much about the numbers when you start....Just keep on, keeping on!

Thanks for a great show Jon and Blain, and that's the power of Steem and CTPtalk, you get engagement and interaction directly, and you get paid for it, and nice to watch the price go up, keep up your awesome work.

Yup, and let's see where this all goes...Now with the latest news on the blockchain lol

Thanks Jon, yeah at least they won't make an immidiate token swap, if the news are correct, and communities will launch next week.

Good show! I wasn't around for the live version, but enjoyed listening to the YouTube recording while preparing and having lunch today. Love consuming good Youtube content and lunch together! :)

Yessir. That's why we like to post the content on multiple avenues.

Thx a lot for an other Goodie!! Respect

Yessir, thanks for watching :)