The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - It's Time To Change It Up!

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You heard it right....We're bumping things up!

We're headed to the moon so let's call our weekly feature - The Road To 10,000 CTP Tokens from now on :)

And what better way than to do a live 'unwrapping' of a piece of mail I got from @cruisin this week :)

Special shout out to him for the amazing gifts, thank you sir!

Hope everyone enjoys the show!

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Great show again Jon, good to see Cruisin featured and great that you got the gifts,
Love the way you said Chamois lol , here in oz we pronounce it Shammy :)

Shammy....Yeah they call them that here too..For the car fanatics...I call them...Car wash and go lol

I just wanted to brag about my 50k, and now you have raised to 100k :)

Anyways, it's a great thing to raise the bar and with STEEM (and CTP) going up, we have to GROW before it's too late!

LOL Nah man, only 10k....100k is above and beyond targets for normal folks like me...You though? You'll hit 100k soon LOLOLOL

Shame on me I missed last show!
Big shout out to both Robs!! You guys rock!
I think I will be staying on the 10k for a bit as I've been spending the tokens in Fireshopping! You know, women and their addiction to shopping lol
Thank you for all the support I will continue working hard to worth your downvote losses!
Lets keep on crushing it and spread The Force :)
create! curate! engage!.jpg

ha ha ha ha Hey I love shopping too lol Heck I'm on Facebook blasting out images telling people I will SEND them crypto to buy stuff lol

Had a few action takers yesterday!

Thanks for a great video Jon, and nice unboxing from Crowsin, branding 101 is to be seen where it matters.

And nice to raise the bar to 10k and crank up the heat a bit, let's get some more creativity in the tribe.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Very cool to get these gifts. Thoughtful of him for sure and I really appreciated it!

Yeah that was really cool for sure.

At exactly the same week that I will reach 5K CTPs (I am now with 4,948.331 CTPs) you increased it to 10K CTPs. No problems, this will be my new goal. Keep the good work.

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ha ha ha ha My bad :)

Yeah it'll stay at 10k for a while now though....We aren't moving! lol

I am happy your package finally got to you. That took 2 months it must have gone by a slow boat.
Enjoy the read it is a quick one. Satish Gaire is one of my main customers so when he sent me a box of books I knew straight away one had to go to you and the rest is stuff I normally send to my customers as a practical gift that can be used.
I will die with chamois's in my possession unless someone wants to buy the approximate 18,000 odd I have left but when I had them made it was to good a deal to not take and made for something useful to send and sell to people.
Go the Rob's LOL wasn't expecting another shout out but all good and onwards on my CTP token quest, 10,000 is attainable and achievable amount of tokens to have staked by anyone interested in having a bit of upvote power of course more is even better.
Another good change up by you Jon.

LOL The chamois was perfect man...Hilarious that the buttons were attached to it too.

Looking forward to the book for sure, I'll dive into it. Thanks man, this was just an awesome gift.

Cool, Targets should be challenging. I’m curious to see how quickly you will have to raise the bar again 😜

I'm very close to 500 ctp now. I'm really enjoying the steady income from my ctp miner tokens 😁

That's awesome man...Yeah people seem to be growing their stake steadily. I'm going to try to keep it here at 10k for a while though. Too much too soon could hurt.

True, 10k can seem pretty daunting for a newcomer.

Raising the Roof, brother :)

Yesssir! Working hard everyday!

Just raising the bar....
I am 400CTP short of the new bar.

Awesome man :) Thank you so much for your support!!!

a day late and a dollar short but, better late than never. Thanks for the birthday shout out! Great show as always, and great to see Rob Cruisin featured, he is a great member of ctp, and discord and telegram as well. I also hope MKK comes around as I would like to sbi keep growing and become a staple of steem over the next few years. Have a great week all!

Yeah he's still at his old tricks. We'll discuss it how to proceed :)

I'm kinda of late getting started Currently I'm only have about 1300 CTP token and it's all staked. But I will get there

Thats awesome man, great to have you here too!

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Or created on about affiliate marketing and home based businesses :)