Thursday Night Live - 4 Ways To 'Stick Out'!

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Tonight we discussed a question that isn't brought up as much as you might think....

We all know that we need our content and emails to 'stick out' from the crowd....But HOW exactly is that accomplished?

We go over 4 ways to make your content and emails stick out from all the noise out there....

We hope you enjoy the show!

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Great show as always! Enjoyed watching the recording... I have to admit that I have been caught in this STEEM-Tron stuff, and I have gone more into politics and s*it... Because of that, I've just noticed that my posts here are less useful to others, so bringing more value is a priority...

Have to go out of that and start to work on business...

...and improve graphics!!!

LOL Yeah man....Always be trying to improve ;)

It's been a crazy week for sure....But Steem holds strong :)

@jongolson, In my opinion to become Unique in any field we have to walk with our Originality plus we have to learn in and out about the field we are working in. Stay blessed brother.

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Yup...People do business with those they know like and trust :)


I did enjoy the show. Will be implemented moving forward. Thanks Jon!

Great show and advice Jon, both for creating content and emails, by the way I have 43 subscribers on my broadcast list, using it multiple times per week, and one unsubscribe since I started, stay awesome.