Thursday Night Live - CTP Voting & Fire Pay News

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Another fun Thursday night at our live seminar....

We went over;

  • CTP Top Site Voting
  • Fire Pay statistics
  • Plugging into the Steem / CTP communities
  • Getting ideas for creating content

Lots of fun and we hope you enjoy the show :)

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Great show man and it was fun to hustle in there, lol. I love that term, gonna run with that. I know you love it and in other circle some prim and proper moderators don't allow it so it is fresh and I hope ctp nation embraces your appreciation of go getters and step up too. You gotta ask to get and it's better to try and fail than to never try at all. You got me going bro, and as you know, there ain't no stopping a hustler. :)

Dude, it's so refreshing! It's the one thing I believe in so much within affiliate marketing....Those that achieve the most, are the most active.

Not being busy for busy sake...But adding value everyday! to others and trying to improve. It's contagious.

Lots of insight and a bunch of fun.

Thanks for the comments about when to use the CTP tag. I've been including it in posts about stuff like chess and tarot which are not obviously business-related. Those posts link back to a couple of my WP blogs where I'm aiming to generate side-biz revenue through Amazon, Adsense, and further down the line through my own ebook sales...

That raises another question in my mind: If there are blog posts where the CTP tag should not be used, surely those posts should not be posted on CTPTalk at all, but directly on the Steemit blog? ...

Yeah that comes with the tags these days....The issue is people load up like 20 tags in their posts to try to receive as much tokens as possible.

I try to manage CTP as best as I can without being a 'hard ass moderator' and will just inform tag abusers that I'm on to them...But at the end if the day, I hope the community polices itself.

Speaking of tarot etc...You should network with @PixiePost and check out her stuff that she does everyday in that field.

Great show as usual... And I have been in the live session! Not so alive, but present!
And I have noticed that we are having more and more people on the live event, which is great.

yeah man, working on that grassroots level. We dont have much of a budget, but we do have hustle :)

Hey Jon,
Great training once again! Got the whitepaper downloaded and printed out! Plan on reading it today after I have finished my other tasks online.

It's awesome and gives you a great overview of what this crazy blockchain is :)

Thanks for a great show Jon and Blain, so launching so much new stuff that you had to slow down a bit lol, great advice about content and how to make it relate to other people, and nice about the voting on programs.

So implementing FirePay, does it work as a standalone script or do it require LFM?

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Works with anything, not just LFM

Thanks Jon, that is really great to know for future plans.