The Road To 5000 CTP Tokens - Create. Engage. Curate!

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I can't stress to you guys how much I enjoy these sessions we do each week...

The webinars are fun, but being able to help you directly, engage with your comments and building the CTP Tribe up....Makes my week :)

So THANK YOU! For adding so much to this amazing journey....

A HUGE shout out to this week's featured member - @ghcamry

I've known this gentlemen for almost 20 years now and it's so awesome to see him come from affiliate marketing and bring his online business over to Steem and CTP as well!

Be sure to give him a follow and everyone that takes part in these weekly sessions :)

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Well... I know @ghcamry for less than a month, but I like what he is doing here on CTPTalk and on Telegram...

He is doing exactly what you have said in this week's tip: creating, engaging and curating... And, in the meantime, learning like everyone else here on the Steem...

We need more Rob's! Be like Rob! :)

Be like Rob......That could be a pretty cool campaign....Hey @ghcamry what do you think? LOL

Thank you sir! I like to follow winners. That's how you become one. I believe the best leaders are followers too. The difference? They actually take it to the next level and become teachers and mentors. There is a great system here if you work it, pay attention, and apply daily. Let's keep it going and show the way to others.

WTG @ghcamry for been this weeks featured member.
A good person to highlight Jon @jongolson Rob has been a breath of fresh air around the CTP community and great to see him embrace the new ways.

For sure man. Love seeing his passion for this stuff and diving in with it all. :)

Appreciate it crusin! You have been very helpful on my journey here and that means a lot to me. Thanks! Two Rob's do make a right as they say (or never say) so I look forward to more learnings from you and the other great CTP'ians!

Congrats @ghcamry.

Always like growing my SBI collection, I get over 1SP per day from curation, now I just need to create more content and engage more with other Steemians...

Come on Jon get with the #2020vision every day, you can do it :)

LOL I started it last week and then life happened...No excuse. I'll be back on it soon :)

Thanks for a great video Jon, and nice feature of @ghcamry, he's crushin it and growing really fast, and a great supporter of CTP.

And a lot of great comments and engagement, and by the way if you look in SteemWorld they have daily stats for your curation rewards, it's up top, I am currently averaging just below 2 SP per day from curation.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Yeah I just love Steemitboard. Allows me to keep track of how I'm doing easily. :)


Thanks for the feature Jon! As a lover of communities and engagement, I seek it out like one would seek out water in the desert. Actually, online marketing can be a desert at times, so thanks for being an Oasis my friend as my CTP learnings have been great so far and the networking equally as great!

Keep crushing it man. I mention it to Blain all the time, you are the definition of an hustler in this business...Everyday, hustling and making sure people engage with you and your brand. A welcomed sign for sure that things are getting MUCH better for us all.

Yep, i just can’t half ass it, that’s the dna. Hoping i can be a positive role model to other owners and marketers. It never comes to you, you have to go out and take it!

You are always learning something new about steem and the block chain as a whole. If you think you know everything there is to know stop and start over because no one knows everything about this entire block chain, as Jon said just have fun along the way. Congrats to@ghcamry on being the member of the week. He has done alot for being here for less than a month. Great show as always Jon. Have a great week.

Appreciate that man, yup never stop learning this stuff....I'm about to dive into JSON cause apparently that's a thing here LOL

Thanks Eric. Yep, it's been a fun month and I'm looking forward to more as we approach February.

Cool stuff, he is off to a flying start :)

Absolutely, and welcome to the Telegram community :)

Thanks 😁

YAY! Congratulations to @ghcamry! He started off with a bang & he just kept going. Rob is a great person & know he will continue to be successful in the #CTPTalk community as well as #steem in general. :)

Thank you so much for the shout out! I am so excited to see the #2020Vision expanding & hope it will continue on. With all of the amazing CTP tools we have at our finger tips & the room for self growth in all of the events going on through the Steem platform, we are all unstoppable. Working my way to 40k CTP Tokens but stashing a little for more FirePay transactions ;)
I cannot wait to see where we are in those 5 years you mentioned as well. (You're right - Steemit Board is pretty cool, also, in showing our progress.)

Thank YOU for helping us discover these amazing opportunities & I appreciate you more than you know! :) (@nathanmars we miss you! Keeping the #seven77 spirit alive! )

I couldn't believe I didn't notice that 'Curation total' on @SteemitBoard before...But wow, what a great way to measure how much you can earn and have been earning by curating here.

I couldn't believe I didn't notice that 'Curation total' on @SteemitBoard before

This is due to the fact it has been added recently and we did not make the announcement post yet 😉

LOL Awesome...So it wasn't just me not seeing something before lol

So cool, and a great statistic to help us!

Wonderful! We were just talking about Affiliate and Symbiotic Marketing just a couple days ago on our blog. Powerful stuff and so valuable for STEEM and monetized blogs.

Welcome @ghcamry


It's fantastic, because one of the biggest issues new marketers face is the inability to 'make' any kind of money from the start....Well here on Steem / CTP they can right away, and get the support and motivation from within the community!

Its great to see members like @ghcamry get highlighted . As a community supporting each other and especially newcomers is essential. There are some great people that have a lot to offer and @ghcamry - Rob - has a plethora of great experience and knowledge that we can all benefit from.
And yes, bump up the game, Road to 10000 sounds good

I'm thinking it's time....We'll fire it up next week, and see how it goes :)