How to Earn More Money on STEEM and Tribes

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In this video, I have given a few tips about what you should do to earn more on STEEM and not just STEEM, but in tribes also... Just a few easy steps to follow...

I have learned these things during my one year on Steem and I hope that this experience will help you grow faster...

Check out the video and find out more tips about earning on STEEM...


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Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Excellent Video @ph1102 - I like the reference to actually taking an effort, I am starting to see a lot of just Pics in ctp talk theses days with no relevance to marketing affiliate or home business. and yes you are right, these will not get the maximum benefit from being upvoted.
People need to take maximum benefit from where they place their posts

Thank you, Russell. I just wanted to lure people to look into the video and see the reality... No easy money, no easy button... But, on the other side, it's not sci-fi to create a post and engage with others... Just an effort and appreciation...

And I dislike clickbait articles and photos with money, but this time... I have done it on purpose... :)

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