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I have noticed a few articles lately inside the community that are just copy/pasted from some other places from the Internet (Wikipedia, websites, forums), which is not fine... It is okay if the part of some article is quoted (and the source mentioned in the blogpost) and the other part of the blog post is the "opinion" (or personal view) of that quote by the author... That is acceptable, but copying complete article/paragraph and creating a blog post claiming authorship isn't OK...

I have tried to explain why that isn't okay from only 2-3 different views, but there are many more... As I'm moderating some of the communities, I have noticed that behavior and just want to express my disagree about that... As cryptocurrency prices will go up, we will see more and more "low-effort" content around us and I'm suggesting to others to not upvote/tip those posts... If we do that, real authors will disappear and with them, the creativity, uniqueness, and progress will stop...

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Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and it is an important subject that some people take too lightly, and to be honest you feel so much greater when you make the effort yourself to write a good article rather than plagiarising someone else and risk getting downvoted, stay awesome.

That's a good point... Don't plagiarise and live in th fear of downvotes! Create original content and be upvoted!


Flag and drop in a comment via @steemflagrewards if you see anything copied, I'm always on the look-out for something to DV!

Thanks for the support... I will do it next time! We have to respect the hard work of the authors that bring fresh and original content.

Copying an article and posting it as if they have written it is plagiarism and very frowned upon, in fact illegal
Copying an article and posting (with original author recognition) it because they couldnt be bothered to write their own is just Lazy
surely if it is something they believe in they have an opinion.
There is no reason not to write}

I just can't to not respond on that kind of behavior... And, as I said, it's not fair to others... We are family, and you don't do that to family...

Great this is great . tweeted it

Thank you. I'm glad that you liked it.

Thanks for this important post. You made some great points.

Thank you for your comment! I see a lot of great authors that create great stuff every day, and it hurts to see someone using other's work and presenting as his...

Thanks for the heads up. I could see this as a real problem especially as Price action uptrends. So your right on target with that


Thanks for your comment, Robert. I agree that it can (and will) be a problem when the bigger price of STEEM comes... Anyways, it's better to point that out by creating posts about the problem BEFORE it escalates and educate others...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice on this important topic @ph1102. I hope individuals take heed of it and be more careful in the future.

I hope so, too... It's in interest of the whole community... Fair-play and sharing our own experiences...

Thanks for your comment!

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