Be a Product of Your Product

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Yesterday, I have said to myself that I will make a small break, and I will not publish any blog besides my #2020Vision video... And it was like that... almost... :)

The truth is that I didn't publish the video yesterday, but, I went to my usual evening walk and got some great ideas for my future vlog post... So, I stopped, sit on the bench and created this one... :)

I know that you have already heard about being "a product of your product" and that you maybe understand the logic of how it works... It has sense when you hear about that, but when you recognize that somewhere in your past, you have done that but you weren't aware of that... That is even more powerful... And on the top of the story, it WORKED back then.... :)

Check out the video and find out more about my experience with being a product of my product...


Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and nice email, and yes if we promote what we use ourselves we can much better promote it, and we will also know the ins and outs of it and how it works, so that means we also needs to be passionate about them and only use products and services we like, you have actually cleared up one bit about the products that I use, so now I will adjust that bit quite soon I think, stay awesome.

Oh, I like that effect very much! When some of my words, trigger others to do something in their job... I have exactly the same thing today reading one of the comments that perfectly cleared my vision for my totally different stuff...

Thank you for your kind words and comment, Erik!

Thanks Zoltan, yeah the fact is you might be able to help with it too, but we can talk about that in Discord, one word hosting.

I really liked your video. Being a product of your product means also that you identify with what you do and what you sell because you are living it yourself.
In a comment a saw that you wrote that you are looking for a product to sell. In a way the best thing to sell is to sell yourself and what you do. This can be your brand but it can also be your knowledge.
In the past I often thought that nobody would be interested in what I know until I realized that in some ways I've learned a lot of stuff and that not everybody followed the same learning path than me and that for these people my knowledge would be an added value.

You have a good point there! And it perfectly fits some of my ideas that I've got exact THIS morning... It's a perfect fit...

Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it!

No brake for you my friend. Lol

What is a brake? Hehehee... Dolphins... Have to do that... Every your comment will remind me about that :)

This is a good piece of training. Well worth listening to. I agree that in affiliate marketing it is better to promote products that you actually use and believe in. Being a product of your product fits well with the personal branding model of Internet marketing. Resteeming. :)

Thank you, sir! I appreciate your comment and resteem, David!