Tik Tok Brainstorming...

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I went on a walk this late afternoon/evening just to get out of my office desk and "relax" without the work... The weather was great, fresh air, and I have finished my walk with 4-5 recorded videos for my future blog posts and video for my LCP... Great relaxing, just great... lol

Anyways, I really didn't leave the house with all this in mind... I have left like a blank paper, but you know the story... Blank paper is for writing, so, I started to write... My first idea was to create a first (of many) videos about blockchain in general... Something like a School of STEEM series that I had back in the past...

But, that was just a starting idea... The one thing that has moved my brain cells in other directions was a girl who was walking with a T-Shirt with a big Tik Tok logo... And, I blame my brain for the rest... :)

Merchandise, advertising, evolution, affiliate marketing, CTP, use-case, branding, best methods... Sorry, @jongolson, you have been a guinea pig in my vlog...

Don't forget to check out the video...


Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
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Hey man!

I saw you cross-posted this to CTP community.

Here's a better way to do it, and the one I saw Jarvie recommended. :)

Post in a community (in your case CTP community), then cross post inside another community, if it relates to it.

To put on your own personal blog your community post you'll have to resteem it.

It has sense, but as it was a D.Tube video, I had to do it through their website... (they didn't have community yesterday... lol)

But, the good news that now they also have their community and the videos are automatically posted there... and then I will have to do cross-post and at the end re-steem :)

Thanks for tips and the comment!

Great point about D.Tube interface. It's obvious I don't do videos, it hasn't even occur to me you need to use it and they didn't have communities.

Great thoughts about branding Zoltan, and if we keep building it and have something that people can promote for us then we can be Jon, stay awesome.

Jon is unique... One and only... Jongo... @jongolson... :)
Just joking... of course that everyone should bring HIS brand... his expertise... his sign of recognition... ;)

Exactly, stay awesome.