Pixie Real Talk: Upvote To Uplift | Day 39 of the #2020Vision Challenge

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#2020Vision #Steem #PixiePost

Today's video has a little more of a serious note before I did the push-ups for the day (complete with Timmy antics lol)....sometimes, something needs to be said & needs to stop. This is my opinion only so you can take it for what it's worth. I appreciate you all.

I forgot to nominate a new person to the challenge in the video so here I will....I invite @captainbob to join us! :)

Hey, pssst...did you do your 4 today? ;)

Curious what the #2020Vision challenge is all about & how you can participate? Check out my original post here: https://d.tube/v/pixiepost/QmQAG63DoB...

What are you waiting for? Get onboard now & show off your 4 push-ups (or favorite things) for the #Actifit challenge! We are counting on you ;)

#2020Vision is here!

Let's Do This !🙌

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Awesome as always. I wish I could do 20 pushups. :)

Thanks so much. Believe me, it wasn't easy lolol. But it was worth a shot. 😊

Great pushups Pixie, and lmao Timmy lol, and nice talk about the downvote threats and to focus on the positive, stay awesome.

Timmy, I swear, always steals the show! 😹😹 Thank you & yes, I had to say something. It was time. Sending pixie dust to you, my friend! 🧚🏻‍♀️💗

Timmy is sassy lol.

Omg is he ever!! 😹😹

Nice work to get to 20 pressups. "Keep steeming, keep dreaming!" - I like it.

Thank you so much..it sure wasn't easy but hey, we #pushon. The "keep steeming, keep dreaming" is a throwback from my #Seven77 days. I used to say that in a lot of the videos. It just felt right to say it again. 🙏💗

Great job Jenn! Great video! Way to stand up and shout out!! Keep those positive vibes flowing? #pushon

Thanks girl! I appreciate it. As I told Erik, it was time to say something. I am a "no drama" person but this was about human decency in my eyes. Thanks for your amazing support. #pushon 💗

There are always abusers and bullies, but I think that community here will take care of that... Our mission is to spread positive vibes and #pushon

You are lucky to have that brave cat that can protect you from bullies... :) He was also training at the end of the video :)

Hahahahah I think you're right! He is prepared for anything at this point. (You should see the Ninja kicks he did to my whole house 🙄)

Yes, unfortunately, there will always be abusers but if we don't allow them to steal our power, we will always be ahead of them. I just finally had to say something. 🙌💗

Haters gonna hate but keep on gettin it! The downvoting for stupid stuff is a weak move. Maybe if they did some push-ups for the challenge instead of hating on people they could find some actual friends on the platform...


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That's true. I mean, you can't please everyone & that was a valuable lesson I learned awhile back. But geez #upvotetouplift. It really can make a difference in someone's world. The downvotes just discourage people esp when it's used for the wrong reason.

Yes, #2020Vision is exactly THAT. Thank you. Connecting like minded people & showing what the #steem & @actifit communities are all about. 🙌♥️🔥

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