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This is my response to Zoltan (@ph1102) for his last badge of The CTP Christmas Badge Hunt. Even in a simple start, one can make amazing leaps & bounds.

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Good job hun!

I think most of us started the same way!

And I'm happy that I came back to this path and found you!

Hope we can be together is this adventure for a very long time!

Love you sis ❤🍀

Thanks so much, sis! I agree. We do all start somewhere & it will stop amazing how far we have come already!

The honor is mine in meeting you! Love you so much & we are definitely in this for the long haul 🙌💕🧚

Wow, you made money off ClixSense! You obviously have a great deal of patience Jenn. I can really resonate with your comment "awakened my need to connect and inspire people" as that attribute is also part of my journey of how I grew into the person I am today: a helper for many.

When I thought about ClixSense, it amazed me how I did it too. 🤣🤣 I am not sure if I would have the patience for that now, but it definitely propelled me in the right direction. Then when I found CTP, it was all over..I was hooked lol.
And yes, helping people realize their own magic is what inspires me. So here I am. You are inspiring people, my friend, & I thank you for your continued support. 🙏💕🙌

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jenn! And yes, it qualifies.. :)

🤣🤣🤣 Awesome! You're welcome! See, even a pixie has to start somewhere lol

Awesome video Jenn! Thank you for sharing the start of your journey with affiliate marekting.

Thanks Lisa! I appreciate you watching & being supportive. Have an awesome Monday. 🧚💛🙌

Thanks for sharing your start in affiliate marketing and tips and tricks you learned along the way

You're welcome! It's fun sharing stories of how we all started out. 😉🙌😊💚

Thanks for a great video @pixiepost, and really great to hear about how you started with affiliate marketing, and it seems that Clixsense has made quite a bit of money for a lot of people, I wish you a Happy New Year, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thank you so much! There may be more of these type of videos to come. Amazingly enough, ClixSense helped quite a few for awhile but clicking just for a few cents wore thin for me after awhile lol. Happy New Year, my dear friend. 💛💜💚🧚🙏

Thank you very much @pixiepost, yeah I was more into the paid surveys in Clixsense, have an Awesome New Year!❤️

You too sweetie. Happy New Year ♥️✨🎉


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Wow. Thank you so much! I appreciate you! 🙏

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Great, thanks for sharing this! Much success