The 4 Shades of Timmy | Day 38 of the #2020Vision Challenge

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With the full moon energy alive & well, I think it might be effecting Timmy a bit or maybe it's because of the cat outside. Whatever it is, he sure has been acting weird while I try to think of what to do for Day 38....

Hey, pssst...did you do your 4 today? ;)

Curious what the #2020Vision challenge is all about & how you can participate? Check out my original post here:

What are you waiting for? Get onboard now & show off your 4 push-ups (or favorite things) for the #Actifit challenge! We are counting on you ;)

#2020Vision is here!

Let's Do This !🙌

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While you were thinking what to do, Timmy has already done all the hard work... :)

He did! He was one paw ahead of me but we will see today lol 😹

Lmao Timmy the man of the house, you got yourself a keeper Pixie.

Timmy is my protector & spirit guide (even though he's a bit gansta lol)

Gangsta Timmy in the house lol.