The 4 Is Strong | Day 12 of the #2020Vision Challenge

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#2020Vision #Steem #PushOn

My creative energy was in the right flow today so I decided to switch gears & do something different from my usual content. It took a little time but it became a brief expression of #2020Vision & the #Steem blockchain as a whole.

We are all connected in this world, one way or another. We each strive for balance & remain vigilant in making a difference in the world; hence, the power of the number 4.

Also, I invite @traciyork to join the #2020Vision Challenge. :)

Hope you all like this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Curious what this challenge is all about & how you can participate? Check out my original post here:

What are you waiting for? Get onboard now & show off your 4 push-ups (or favorite things) for the #Actifit challenge! We are counting on you ;)

#2020Vision is here!

Let's Do This !🙌

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Music: Lost World

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That was beautiful Pixie, and no Timmy in sight.

Thanks so much Erik. Wanted to bring something different to the table ;) Don't worry, Timmy will probably make an appearance in today's video :)

Yeah if you take out the camera he will come running for sure.

Great post, Pixie... And this one should "put on silence" that popular excuse: "I'm not a camera guy/girl"...

Thank you, Zoltan & that is very true. Someone can do something like this or show off camera with no problem. Well, remember we come from the #ctptalk tribe where there no excuses ;)