There Will Be Days Like This | Day 13 of the #2020Vision Challenge

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You know that song "Mama Told Me There Will Be Days Like This"? Well, I had one of those today. Every obstacle seemed to be in the way. Even Timmy was in a chaotic mood. Regardless, I was determined to keep representing #2020Vision & #pushon.

I cannot express how grateful I am to all of you for helping me to build this into something amazing. Let's keep on going & spread the word. This is what community is all about; united as a strong force. ❤️

Also, I invite @scottrohn to join the #2020Vision Challenge. :)

Curious what this challenge is all about & how you can participate? Check out my original post here:

What are you waiting for? Get onboard now & show off your 4 push-ups (or favorite things) for the #Actifit challenge! We are counting on you ;)

#2020Vision is here!

Let's Do This !🙌

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Oh yes indeed I remember that song!! Thanks for yet an other goodie, and Video!! thumbs up!

Great song. I love Van Morrison's version of it 😊 Thank you so much for the kind words. Have an amazing day! 🙌💗🧚

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Great video, Jenn! Now you have it for your REAL Day 14... just remove that comments from this one... :)

Thanks for being an inspiring leader of this challenge! I'm proud to be part of it!

Thanks Zoltan! I have a blast making these videos & challenging myself. It's amazing to see the self growth in all of this. I took care of 14 so now I'm good he he...😉

You are all an inspiration to me. I could not do this without you guys. Thank YOU. 🙌♨️♥️🧚

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Jenn, I think it’s the tough days that offer the greatest opportunities than the easy ones. Also means a breakthrough is coming!

I agree 💯! While sometimes some things are more challenging, the rewards are that much richer. 🙌 That is where we get the #pushon mentality from as well. ♨️🧚

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Well done Pixie, and yeah we all have those days when nothing works and we mix up the days and such, it's why I try not to say which day it is since when I do I tend to mix them up, stay awesome and #pushon.

Lmao. I get it! I swear some weeks I start forgetting what day it is. Thankfully, my off line job schedule helps me stay on track lol.
#pushon always! Thank you for all you do! 🧚♨️🙌💗

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Thanks Pixie, and yeah some structure do help to keep track, stay awesome.